List of banks Good Finance cooperates with and compares 2019!

Good Finance knocking? Which banks does Good Finance cooperate with and compare? Below we list which banks Good Finance compares and cooperates with. The list is updated as soon as we receive a change.

Previously, Good Finance has not printed exactly all the banks that they cooperate with, but now there seems to be a change as we find all the banks on their home page. But we continue to do a little test every now and then to see if there are any banks that are not included in the list but which they still have cooperation with and compare for you.

Which banks does Good Finance have?


You will find the entire list below and we will update the list as soon as we receive a change. The problem is usually that many loan intermediaries have a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from printing all the banks because of it.

Below we have listed all the banks that Good Finance prints on their website that they compare and have cooperation with right now.

Always read our loan broker’s guide before borrowing

Always read our Guide to Mortgage Brokers before borrowing through a loan broker. We think you MUST look into Mortgage Brokers before choosing to borrow through one. And in this case via Good Finance. It is easy to blindly trust a loan broker but you should do a little work yourself too. One thing you should look up is which banks they are comparing to you. We have guides on all the loan brokers we list where we list the banks they compare.

This is how you find out the interest rate at Good Finance

This is how you find out the interest rate at Good Finance

The interest rate shown in the list above is the lowest interest rate that any of the banks Good Finance cooperates with. But the interest rate is always set individually and can therefore vary considerably.

To find out what you get interest and how much you can borrow on your salary, you just send in a loan application on their website. It rarely takes more than 5-10min and then you usually get a response within 24 hours. Read more in the Good Finance interest guide where we delve into this.

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