5 herbs that increase men’s libido and treat erectile dysfunction

The reason may be mental issues like anxiety and depression. Other times it is the result of diabetes, heart disease, smoking and drug addiction. In some cases, this is a serious problem that might require surgery to fix it.

Over the years, with science and tradition, people have discovered ways to get around these thorny issues involving erectile dysfunction and low libido.

These herbs exist in the form of tea or supplements.


Maca is a maca root native to Peru. He is called Isu Baka by the Yoruba. Numerous animal and rodent studies show that Maca increases libido levels and cures erectile dysfunction.

Take maca powder as a tea or mix it with smoothies or other drinks.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is obtained from the Ginkgo Biloba plant. This herb relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow in the body. Ginkgo Biloba is called Obi Gbogbo Nse in Yoruba.

Numerous studies conducted on both male and female participants have shown that they have increased their libido and experienced orgasm after taking Ginkgo supplements.

Red ginseng

This Asian tea is effective in treating erectile dysfunction problems and low libido levels in men.

In one study, red ginseng tea increased arousal levels compared to people given the placebo.

Red ginseng has side effects. It should not be taken if a person is taking blood thinners or drugs to treat hormone-sensitive cancers.

It can also cause headaches, stomach aches, or indigestion and constipation.


Tribulus terrestris is called Tagunro in Yoruba and Tisadu in Hausa. Studies on rats have shown that it increases testosterone and thus increases male sexual desire.


Fenugreek is also known as Greek hay seeds, mint, and bird’s foot. In Nigeria it is called Mkpuru Oka Oyibo in Igbo, Kimba in Hausa and Eru in Yoruba.

Different studies have shown that fenugreek increases men’s libido and causes more orgasms. This is because it causes the release of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.

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