A two-part AMRAP that challenges you to beat your closest rival

Let’s start with the good news: this four-part AMRAP only contains 18 minutes of work. The bad news? It will hurt a little. Coming directly from the training mind of The Lean Machines – also known as Leon Bustin and John Chapman – the two-part session is designed to test your skills, strength and fitness using a range of motion , including gymnastics, cardio and Olympic lifting.

Practically, Chapman has engraved a few tips and tricks below to help you cope with the impending workload. Your mission ? Get the kit, chalk your hands and get to work. It’s only 18 minutes after all …


“Know your strengths and weaknesses in this workout. It contains elements that are suitable for small athletes who can shift their body weight quickly, but, for taller and more powerful athletes, try to crush the calories from the bike faster – this will allow you to slow down the burpees or break your toes at the bar, ”says Chapman.“ Plan poorly and your workout will be full of breaks and cause a lot more discomfort than necessary. Knowing what type of athlete I am, here’s how I would approach it: 20 calorie assault bike between 65-70 rpm, keep going on the toes at the bar and burpees. Then singles on the bar limiting the rest as much as my heart rate allows. “


“This workout is split in half, and with each workout the demand increases as we deepen these nine minutes, so don’t be a hero and skip the first round uninterrupted over everything if you can’t maintain that. rhythm. “


“Understand that it’s often much quicker to take short tactical pauses on movements if the heart rate gets too high or if you are approaching your limit, especially on technical movements like toes on the barbell and cleans. “


“During the five minute break your heart rate will drop again and you should think about what you can do to match your time since the first AMRAP, can you plan things better, or is it just a matter of be prepared to hurt a little more on the bike, burpees or cleans?


20cal air bike

Get on the bike – your back should be straight and the saddle adjusted so that you have a slight knee bend at the bottom (A). Go for a maximum effort sprint for 10 calories, keeping your torso straight, head up, and controlling your breathing (B). Try not to struggle, basically.

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15 toes at the barre

Hanging from the bar with an overhand grip, squeeze your core to raise your legs (A). Kick your feet to touch the bar with your toes. Push down with your shoulders to move your torso behind the bar (B). It really helps. Ladder by touching your knees to your elbows with the same technique.

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12 Burpees on the bar

Place the bar down, step back and perform a full burpee, moving down until your chest hits the floor (A). Stand up and jump directly over the bar (B). Turn around to face the bar and repeat.

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9 Power Cleans @ 60kg @ 43Kg

Hinge for gripping a bar with an overhand grip, hands slightly wider than shoulder width. (A). Extend your knees then your hips and, with a slight jump, use the momentum to pull the bar up. Rotate your wrists to rest the bar on your shoulders (B) bending the knee slightly to help catch it. Stand up straight, then lower yourself under control and repeat.

Rest 5 minutes

Then do the same number of reps you got in the first nine minutes for time, can you beat your first score?

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