A Vegemite pizza really exists and we don’t know what to think anymore

You have to hand it over to Dominos. Where most would have agreed that there are only a limited number of times you can reinvent the wheel – with the ring-wheel pizza – the creators behind the company decided that was absolutely not the way to go. case. They started looking for toppings, doing more than the average Meat and Cheese Supreme aficionado. Then they turned to the crust. Surely more could be done with this paste than just thick or thin? And if hot dogs were stuffed into the base, the nachos started to cover the crust like a kind of cold meats platter. It was chaos, and while it wasn’t for everyone, you couldn’t fault their creativity. But in a new ad, Dominos announced what could be a new knockout: cheese pizza and Vegemite.

Okay, that sounds very moot, but for anyone who grew up loving Baker’s Delight Cheese and Vegemite Parchment, it’s basically about converting this delicacy to the world of pizza and, frankly, we’re kind of dumb. ‘okay with it all. Where other Domino flavor fusions might have failed in the past with excessive splashing of toppings and flavors, this is minimalism at its best.

As the company announced, “There is something so uniquely Australian about a VEGEMITE and cheese pizza, and we are delighted to be able to bring this unique combination to ‘HAPPY LITTLE VEGEMITES’ here at home.” Yes, we see what you did there, Dominos.

But it looks like countless Dominos fans are already on board, after the pizza choice was announced following people’s wishes, with the pizza giant asking fans if they would make the dough taste like it. salty. It turns out it does. Yes, they will. Everyone panicked over the pizza that practically broke the internet, with over 30,000 likes and 12,000 comments on the pizza image. And, if all that wasn’t enough to woo you, vegans can also rejoice as you can swap the cheese for vegan cheese at no additional cost.

If you want to try Cheese and Vegemite Pizza you’ll need to act fast, Domino’s Cheesy Vegemite Pizza is only available for three weeks, in any store across Australia for pickup and delivery. For those emerging from lockdown, the allure of dining out may never be stronger than it is right now, but why not dine on another night this week and lift their feet while savoring an Australian version of the classic pizza.

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