Adam Levine Just Spent 2 Whole Days Getting A Huge Leg Tattoo

Adam Levine just received another huge tattoo. The leader of Maroon 5 has became famous enough for his extensive body art, to the point that he was running out of space – and he’s now covered one of the only remaining blank areas of his body with new ink.

In a video on Instagram, Levine shared footage from his last session at artist Bill Canales’ studio, where he received a huge lump on his right leg; an epic process that lasted 13 hours in total, spread over two full days. Canales described Levine as “a true warrior to say the least and hell of a guy” for enduring the long and uncomfortable tattoo time in his own Instagram video, which includes a great cut from the entire tattoo journey. from beginning to end.

This officially means Levine inked pretty much his entire body, after the singer got a massive tattoo on his left leg earlier this year.

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While most of Levine’s other inks consist of smaller tattoos, his leg tattoos aren’t his only big chunks. It also has the entire back covered with an elaborate black and gray portrait of a mermaid holding a skull in the traditional and retro style of the sailor tattoo.

And while he’s been ridiculed for some of his ink, most notably the “California” tattoo on his stomach that he discovered during his Super Bowl halftime performance, Levine is clearly not fazed. “Tattoos end up being this weird roadmap or story over the years,” he said in an interview with People back when he was named the sexiest man in the world. “They always remind me of this long, strange and awesome journey that life has been.”

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