Arnold Schwarzenegger thanks Logan Paul for hosting a ‘slap fight’ competition

Arnold Schwarzenegger has thanked YouTube star Logan Paul for “bringing new energy” to his 2022 fitness fest, which saw events including classic bodybuilding and extreme slap fights.

Following the event, the former bodybuilder praised the “passion for fitness” and called fans “ambassadors of our fitness crusade”.

The four-day Arnold Sports Festival, held in Columbus, Ohio, featured a variety of competitions ranging from powerlifting and wrestling to Scottish Highland Games.

This year’s program also included a slap fight championship hosted by Schwarzenegger and YouTube star Logan Paul.

The Terminator star thanked Paul for “bringing new energy” to the festival after the three-hour competition of “a few brutal slaps”.

“It was amazing to watch Logan go from exhibiting with his family as a kid to MC on the main stage in front of thousands of cheering fans,” he said.

He continued: “Thank you to our fans.

“It’s truly amazing how much passion there is for fitness, and without all of you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

“Each of you is an ambassador for our fitness crusade, and seeing you all at the expo and in the audience for all of our different sports has been a real joy.”

Channeling his cyborg assassin persona, he signed: “Thank you all for coming, and we’ll see you in 2023.

“Hasta la vista…baby.”

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