Batman trailer gives a glimpse of Catwoman and Penguin

Warner Bros. just released a new trailer for DC The batman, providing a handful of additional clues about the film’s plot and tone. While previous teasers for the film have focused on the somber Bruce Wayne played by the latest actor to take on the role, Robert Pattinson, with brief shots of the other characters, this two-minute clip widens the scope a bit – and does heavily. hint that The Riddler will be the central villain of the play.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a whole bunch of comic book villains in the trailer. On the contrary: the film seems to be teeming with a whole trilogy of criminal brains and cronies.

We get a bit more footage of Colin Farrell’s rendition of The Penguin (and yes, he still looks unrecognizable under those prosthetics), and the Irish actor seems to be playing it like something out of a Martin Scorsese movie. , which is ironic considering that Marty is less past-than-great commentary on superhero cinema.

The trailer also features a menacing gang of crooks all wearing masks that look like a cross between Scarecrow in Batman begins and Joker in The black Knight. And of course, the trailer includes more of Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman, the anti-heroine who appears to act like a romantic sheet of Pattinson’s Batman. In an instant, she seems so bewildered by our protagonist’s ultraviolent approach to justice that she almost makes it. him look like the real villain, if our expectations weren’t set in a different way.

We haven’t seen much of the Riddler yet other than a few brief glimpses of a man in a green balaclava and goggles. Maybe we won’t see actor Paul Dano’s face in the film at all, and he will only be known by his costume, like Michael Myers in the film. Halloween movies. But it’s more likely that the studio is trying to create some mystique around the character, whose machinations seem to be what will drive the plot of the film.

The Riddler is described in the trailer as the “match” that will light up the powder keg of Gotham City. So it seems that he Is finally in the spotlight, the revelation will be quite simply explosive.

The batman will be released on March 4, 2022.

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