Browney trained for 24 straight hours for this video stunt

YouTuber Stan Browney, aka Browney, is known for his extreme fitness challenges. His previous fitness achievements and experiences include doing 333 push-ups over 30 days, the Bring Sally Up Challenge, and 1,000 sit-ups in a single hour. So it’s no surprise that in his latest challenge he took it to another level. His goal: to train 24 hours in a row.

Browney hires a friend to organize the one-day event. Each hour, he and a friend will complete a specific fitness challenge. (Although they don’t have a clock or watch, they will do their best to guess.)

“We can’t leave. We can’t sleep. We’ve blinded all the outside light. We don’t know the time,” he said. (Of course, you shouldn’t be doing this at home. You should never skip sleep.) They brought food, water, and a change of clothes to start at 3pm on the day of the challenge.

The first hour the challenge is to burn 20 calories as fast as you can on an airbike. Browney crushes it in 16 seconds, and for the rest of the hour is working on Swedish gymnastics. Challenge 2 is the Magic Pushup, where the guys use a raised broomstick on weight plates. They train until challenge 3, which involves doing the most pull-ups in 30 seconds. (Browney knocks 24.) For challenge 4, they test their vertical jump, trying to grab a high bar with one arm and hang on. After several tries, Browney succeeds.

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The next hour, they stock up on pasta while walking on a conveyor belt. Challenge 5 is the most push-ups in 30 seconds (Browney does 58.) After another hour of practice, they reached Challenge 6: a game of Jenga while holding a board. Another hour of training, then Challenge 7: the Impossible Pullup. Another hour of training, then they hit challenge 8: do the most side-to-side jumps in 30 seconds. They practice for another hour, then move on to challenge 9: a pump without hands.

They eat a little more protein bars before Challenge 10: A Magic Pullup … but neither can accomplish it. They spend another hour training, then do squats for challenge 11. For challenge 12, they do tandem push-ups and crush 20 reps.

They are halfway and they don’t feel too much tiredness. But to wake them up a bit more, Challenge 13 is a Cold Shower Challenge. After a little bit of abs and hoop work, they arrive at Challenge 14: A Hoodie Transfer, where they swap a hoodie while doing a dead blow. Between the next hour, they bake banana pancakes (“we came prepared,” Browney notes), before challenge 15: the Impossible Squat Hold. For challenge 16, they attempt a magic water bottle pump, where they stack three water bottles together.

Finally, the pair begin to hit a wall. “I’m so tired I could fall asleep doing push-ups,” Browney says.

Challenge 17 is a 100 second shot, and the guys are clearly struggling. For breakfast, Browney heats up more pasta and continues to train. He grabs a massage gun to help circulate circulation through his muscles (where he dozes off a bit) before challenge 18, a long jump cup jump, followed by another hour of training. Challenge 19 is another Impossible Pushup, which they must overcome. Challenge 20 is a failure, however. They attempt a No-Hands Pullup, but both fail to get 10 reps. After another hour, they do challenge 21, where they do as many side-to-side push-ups as possible in 1 minute.

For fun after another hour of training, Challenge 22 is a Pullup Trick Shot, where they do a pull-up and attempt to score a goal on a basketball hoop. (And Browney totally nails it.) Another hour of practice, and they’re on Challenge 23, a board break where they punch wooden planks. They train a little more to kill time.

Finally, they come to Challenge 24, a final Pushup Challenge. And then they only have an hour to go, but the struggle is real.

“I want to sleep so badly,” said Browney.

But eventually, they come to the end. After the last challenge, they find out that they only exceeded their time estimate by around 40 minutes. They calculate that they have burned 7,000 calories or more.

“We’re going to bed,” Browney said as she finished.

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