Burn Calories and Build Size in This 3-Workout Workout Plan

Our specially designed circuits are designed to build some serious muscle, fan the flames of your metabolic engine into a white-hot frenzy, and tap into any lingering winter appetites (hey, carbs are nothing but energy , after all).

Spread over three sessions – one day focusing on your “pressing” muscles, one day focusing on the “pulling” muscles in your back, and one day focusing solely on your legs – you will work your whole body with a mixture of heavy weights. , explosive movements and high repetition exhaustions,
all coiled together in circuits that sap stamina. In other words? These smart workouts tick all the boxes.

Think of this month as a welcome bridge between winter bulk and summer cut. Or, if you prefer, just a little fun. It’s yours.

Workout #1: A Hard Push

This “push” session focuses on pressing upper body muscles (chest, shoulders, and triceps), while delivering a searing punch to your stomach. It’s a mix of heavy strength builders and high reputation burners. Do the circuit as many times as possible in 30 minutes, resting at the end of each round until you’re ready to start again. Aim to beat your previous final rep count each session.

Workout #2: Spinning backwards

By focusing on the “pulling” muscles, found primarily in your back, you’ll achieve that chunky physique that will take your body from “pretty” to “pretty strong.” Here, you’ll mix power-building pull-ups with controlled back-builders, before hitting your core with a bicep-pumping lung burner. Stay 30 minutes on the clock and aim for maximum laps, tallying up your score to keep progressing.

Workout #3: Hitting a Low Kick

A big chest, broad shoulders and wide back look great, but there’s no better testament to time spent under iron than putting them on a pair of gargantuan pins. This circuit is designed to target your legs from front to back. Build strength with the fundamentals, then activate your fast-twitch muscles for fast, pumped-up legs, before finishing with a punishing lunge variation. The format is unchanged.

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