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We all love our coffee, and we all know it gives us energy, sharpens focus and tastes great, but what else does it do to our bodies? Caffeine has a host of interesting effects and recent studies suggest the stimulant actually has an impact on your hormones, but the interesting question is, does coffee boost testosterone?

The short answer is perhaps surprisingly, yes, caffeine is indeed a testosterone booster. At least for men, for women it actually has the opposite effect by increasing estrogen production.

Of course, caffeine is not the most effective natural testosterone booster but, it is still surprisingly effective.

What was most interesting was that in men, it not only increased testosterone levels, it also decreased estrogen levels. [1]. And did the opposite for women.

This made a statistically significant difference, and the trials were double-blind, meaning some of the participants were given decaffeinated (instead of a normal placebo), and all participants were tested on both at times different. The decaffeinated coffee actually had no impact, which means it was probably the caffeine that had the effects that caused the increased hormone production.

Does caffeine always boost testosterone in men?

No, there are a few caveats, in successful trials men were given coffee in the morning, mid-afternoon, and with meals. They were told not to consume caffeine in the evening. And that’s quite important. Sleep is essential for healthy hormone regulation, so if you drink coffee before bed, it won’t increase testosterone because the effects of disrupting your sleep patterns will outweigh the benefits of caffeine. Remember that caffeine has a half-life in your system of around 5 hours. So you’ll want to leave it on for at least 4 hours before you sleep if you want to optimize your T levels.

How does caffeine boost testosterone?

Caffeine appears to act as an aromatase inhibitor, reducing hormone conversion, especially during hormone supplementation. As an aromatase inhibitor, this means men will have more free testosterone because they convert fewer hormones into estrogen. But that’s not all caffeine does as a testosterone booster. In the study, men saw an average increase in overall testosterone levels of 5-10%.

When is caffeine bad for testosterone production in men?

As we mentioned before, if it disrupts sleep, but when else can caffeine lower testosterone? The answer is oddly enough if your mother drinks it. Ok, that doesn’t apply if you’re a grown man, but a Danish study showed that mothers who drank more than 3 cups of coffee a day during pregnancy had sons with significantly reduced testosterone levels. [2]. Which is of course another good reason not to drink too much caffeine during pregnancy, as if more is needed.

Other Benefits of Caffeine

Perhaps this is where caffeine gets even more interesting, the reason caffeine’s impact on sex hormone binding globulin was to see if that would explain its link to a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. That said, there is most likely another, more obvious reason why heavy caffeine consumers are less likely to have diabetes than increased testosterone. It’s true that low testosterone can lead to weight gain, which of course could exacerbate diabetes issues, caffeine also increases thermogenesis (your daily calorie burn) and suppresses appetite, which is more likely to be the reason for the lower rates.

To concentrate

There’s a reason caffeine is probably the most well-known nootropic in the world and why it’s included in many best brain supplements. It improves concentration, memory recall, and can actually treat many cognitive issues. It also appears to be particularly effective in treating ADHD in adults. [3] although it appears that this is not considered a treatment option.


Caffeine is also particularly effective in aiding weight loss, increasing testosterone (if you’re overweight), which makes up more than half of the US population. Caffeine has been shown to effectively reduce weight. It has also been noticed that people who drink a lot of caffeine are significantly less likely to be overweight than the general population.

Other Ways to Boost Testosterone

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to increase testosterone production naturally that don’t have to come from caffeine. The most commonly recommended tend to be:

Better sleep

As we already mentioned, not getting enough sleep can dramatically lower testosterone levels, this is where caffeine can lower testosterone levels, if you consume it before bed and you don’t have a healthy sleep, you will have to work on it if you want to increase your test levels.


There is a whole host of pre-made testosterone boosting supplements made with the best ingredients and put together in one compact blend, meaning you don’t have to take 50 pills a day. Our favorite is Testofuelwhich has a long tradition of efficiency, unlike many cheaper products in the industry.

Reduce stress

Another potential issue with caffeine that prevents caffeine from being a good testosterone booster is the fact that it can increase anxiety levels, especially when consumed in excess. [4] Increased cortisol levels lead to lower testosterone levels [5]this is why many testosterone booster supplements contain ingredients designed to reduce cortisol, such as Ashwagandha.


This almost overlaps with caffeine, building more lean muscle mass leads to increased testosterone levels. And caffeine has been shown time and time again to significantly improve athletic performance. So there’s a cumulative effect, if you have caffeine before you hit the gym you’ll get better results, then assuming you eat well and don’t overtrain, build muscle and boost test . That said, you obviously don’t need caffeine to work out.

The Final Word on Caffeine and Testosterone

Caffeine does indeed increase testosterone levels in men. In addition to that, it has a lot of effects that further worsen its results. Does that mean having an extra cup of coffee once a day is going to make you explode? Well no, it won’t. But, it seems that caffeine may have a beneficial effect on male hormones. As long as you don’t drink too much before bed.

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