Crime in Essex: Mali Boys drug gang used 3,000 bottles of prescription drugs to smuggle Class A drugs across the county

A gang of drug traffickers have used 3,000 bottles of prescription drugs to conceal large amounts of Class A drugs for sale in South Essex.

Brian William, Hashi Abdi, Oussema Oubari, Munta Hoque, and Azman Ahamad were members of a group known as the Mali Boys.

Each of them was involved in the supply of Class A drugs to South Essex and was caught red-handed in a car traveling to Southend on the A127.

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On September 9, 2020, police stopped a silver Ford Focus on its way to Southend on the A127 at Daws Heath Road.

As a marked police car blocked the Focus, officers from another vehicle ran towards the vehicle and saw a man throwing a bag of Class A drugs into the central storage area.

Another man exited the car and fled from the officers, leaping over the median into oncoming traffic.

But he was caught and identified as Azman Ahamad while three others were held in the car.

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A large quantity of Class A drugs was recovered from a pocket in the front passenger seat.

After contacting the Metropolitan Police Service, a raid was carried out on Norwich Crescent, Romford.

During this time, Hashu Abdi was arrested and £ 3,470 in cash was seized from the living room along with seven cell phones and just under 3,000 vials of prescription drugs which were used to be mixed with the class drugs. AT.

A second raid was carried out nearby at an Abdi-linked address in Oak Street, Romford, where scales and other drug paraphernalia stood alongside a sports bag containing two large plastic bags containing a quantity of Class A drugs.

William, 20, of Park Avenue, in Barking, Abdi, 27, of Gresley Close, Leicester, Hoque, 19, of Lyndhurst Gardens, Ilford and Ahamad, 20, of Constance Street, Silvertown, London have all been charged conspiracy or to be involved in the acquisition, retention, use or control of criminal property and conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, heroin and crack.

Oubari, 21, of Lucas Avenue, London, has been charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs, crack cocaine.

All denied the charges, but were found guilty by a jury after a two-week trial.

At a sentencing hearing on Friday November 19, Abdi was jailed for a total of five years and one month, Ahamad was jailed for two years and seven months, William and Hoque for three years and six months and Oubari for three years and three months. .

In her sentencing address, Judge Samantha Cohen praised the work of Operation Raptor South Det Cons Dan Brand, describing the case he built as one of “excellent police work”.

The Mali Boys drug gang.  Clockwise from top left;  Oussema Oubari, Hashi Abdi, Azman Ahamad, Brian William and Munta Hoque
The Mali Boys drug gang. Clockwise from top left; Oussema Oubari, Hashi Abdi, Azman Ahamad, Brian William and Munta Hoque

Detective Inspector Scott Fitzmaurice, who leads the Op Raptor South team, said: “These cases are complex and require incredible diligence on the part of officers to ensure not only a prompt charge when we arrest suspects. , but also to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are guilty of these charges.

“The DC brand fully deserves the kind comments of His Honor.

“In this case, these men thought they were above the law by lying to us about their roles and denying any role in the drug supply in South Essex.

“Fortunately the jury saw through the lies and they will now be spending time in jail – and everything we seized will be confiscated and destroyed, meaning a significant amount of Class A drugs are now out of the box. the street.”

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