Declared dangerous, Ludhiana MC was unable to evacuate these buildings

The municipal corporation (MC) had identified at least 113 dangerous buildings in the city during a survey conducted in 2019, but most of them continue to be occupied, posing a serious danger to the lives of its inhabitants and d other people in the area, especially during the monsoon.

MC commissioner Pardeep Sabharwal even issued a public notice last year asking owners to vacate or demolish the buildings themselves, but to no avail. The public notice stated that the owner of the building will be held responsible for any incident that occurs. The civic body, however, has taken no action to ensure the instructions are followed.

An MC official, who requested anonymity, said that in many of these buildings, landlords and tenants are caught up in a legal battle, making it impossible for the MC to intervene in a case that is underway. instance.

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Residents, however, criticized the civic body for inaction.

Tribhuvan Thapar, secretary of Shaheed Sukhdev Thapar Memorial Trust, said two of these buildings are in Naughara Mohalla, where the house of martyr Sukhdev Thapar is located. “These buildings can collapse at any time. It is so risky that people have to avoid passing through the area during thunderstorms. If the MC can’t demolish these buildings, at least they should have them evacuated.

Sunil, a resident of Nali Mohalla, said a few buildings are located on Deepak Cinema Road and in adjacent areas. “The MC must at least repair these buildings to avoid any untoward incidents,” he said.

City planner (MTP) SS Bindra said, “MC issues notices to building owners, but he cannot vacate buildings. The police must do this. We wrote to them. MC’s Bridges and Roads (B&R) department had also verified the strength of a number of buildings and it turned out that many of them can be repaired. Measures against buildings must be taken in accordance with reports from Department B and R.

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