Democrats are fighting an uphill battle to cut prescription drug costs

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Democrats are determined to pass legislation to reduce prescription drug costs.

President Joe Biden hosted an event on Thursday to urge lawmakers to take action to lower health care prices. At the event, he brought Joshua Davis, a college student from Virginia, on stage to talk about living with diabetes.

“I’m grateful that my parents are doing what they can to make sure I have insulin,” Davis said.

Joshua’s father is also a diabetic, so his mother Shannon says the family spends thousands of dollars every year on medical bills. That’s why they support the president’s push.

“It would be life changing – not just for our family, but for the millions of families affected by diabetes,” said Shannon Davis.

“Health care should be a right, not a privilege in this country,” President Biden said. “Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer – these are not partisan issues. They are neither Democrats nor Republicans.

It remains to be seen whether the legislation can pass. President Biden says this is already included in his Build Back Better Act.

“Now we just have to get it through the US Senate – and we’re close,” President Biden said.

Sen. Joe Manchin shows no interest in reviving the currently stalled bill.

“We basically have an economy that is on fire. You’re not throwing more fuel on the fire that’s already burning, causing the problems we have,” the West Virginia Democrat said.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont introduced a separate bill that would allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

“A life-saving prescription drug means nothing if you can’t afford it,” Biden said.

Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito agrees this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

“I would be very interested,” said the West Virginia Republican. “It’s more in the way you do it.”

Finding that how will be critical if lawmakers are to get legislation across the finish line.

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