Develop supreme speed and strength with Hunter Mcintyre “The Bulk Pony”

One of the unique contrasts is Hunter Mcintyre’s fitness resume. He is a multiple obstacle course world champion but also a CrossFit Games athlete. He is an ultra runner but he has the fastest time of all time on Murph (34 minutes 13 seconds …). He’s 6ft 2in, lifts big, and his motto is “Biceps Win Races.”

And win races he does. His ability to run fast and use his wider frame with absolute athleticism has led him to become the dominant force in HYROX, the new format of fitness running in the UK. HYROX puts its competition to the test with eight 1km runs, each followed by a series of moves including ski-erg, sled pushes, sled trails, burpees, rowing, wall balls and farmer carrys. Hunter is the HYROX world record holder with a time of 57 minutes and 34 seconds. Hunter loves to hold world records.

To give you a taste of what it takes to excel in a fitness run like HYROX, ‘The Bulk Pony’ has programmed an exclusive workout for the MH SQUAD. You’re going to go out for a run and set your timer for 30 minutes. Every three minutes, stop and perform the bodyweight movements, going through the three exercises in turn and repeating until you have accumulated 30 minutes of work.

It sounds simple, yes. Well it is. But it’s also devious. You have to run hard – a perceived exertion of 7/10 is about correct – and each of the bodyweight movements are designed to sap the energy in your lower body, to condition you to feel like you have to run with your legs. jelly / lead.

“If you’re not ready to run when you participate in a fitness running event like HYROX, you’re going to have a really bad day, ”says Hunter. “For this workout you want to shoot the ass but not explode, so pick a fast pace that you feel you can maintain. If it gets hard – hard. You’ve set your pace, so you have to stick to it. “

Start this timer and start running.

E3MOM alternates between these movements

1) Walking slots x 60

Weight, exercise equipment, kettlebell, shoulder, standing, arm, muscle, chest, abdomen, fitness professional,

2) Bodyweight squats x 30

Kettlebell, arm, leg, shoulder, abdomen, weight, exercise equipment, joint, knee, human leg,

3) Burpees x 15

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