Do you miss the Palmaris Longus? Try this arm test to see

There is a sign of human evolution hidden inside your body, and a little test might help you see it.

Jonathan Bennion, MPA, co-founder and director of the Institute of Human Anatomy in Salt Lake City, Utah reveals in a video a muscle in our wrist that we often don’t notice, which could be due to the fact that a good many people do not have it.

Bennion explains that most people have 20 muscles in our forearm (or antebrachium) – and all of those muscles help us twist our arms, move our wrists, wave our hands, and more. However, some people have only 19 muscles there, one is missing that could disappear forever from humans as we evolve: the tendon of the palmar longus.

It appears that 14% of the human population lacks this muscle, although this can vary in Asian, Black and Native American populations.

Here is the test to see if you have muscle or not. Gently flex your wrist and touch your pinky finger with your thumb. If the tendon above the inside of your wrist is visible, you have it. If not, you probably don’t. It is also perfectly normal to have one arm but not the other.

“This palmar long muscle can weakly help flex the wrist,” Bennion explains in the video. This muscle is usually visible through the skin when we perform gripping movements and, according to Bennion, is not really needed for daily activities. “If you don’t have that muscle, you can still do all the hand and wrist movements you would need to do without the palmar longus.”

Whether you’re equipped with the muscle or not, it’s good to know that you’re not missing out on much anyway.

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