Does size matter? What your leaf size says about your plant

When it comes to the plant world, unfortunately size matters. And what the leaf size of your favorite houseplant says could mean a lot more than you think!

That’s why we asked the best friends and co-founders of The plant runner, Dominic Hooghuis and Duncan Hilder, for insight into what your leaf size says about your plant.

Shrunken and brown

If the edges of your plant are getting a little brown and crispy, you might want to take a look at your watering routine. Lack of water is the main reason your plant can develop brown edges, so adjust that watering routine and enjoy lush new growth. Unfortunately, once the leaves turn brown and crisp, they won’t turn green again. If that really bothers you, feel free to chop off the brown bits and soak up that leftover green goodness! A good drink and maybe a few indoor plant food will help ensure lush green growth in the future. Remember to maintain a consistent watering routine for your plant family.

Abnormal appearance

Does your foliage look a little…small? Small leaves can be the result of nutrient deficiencies, lack of light, or simply irregular watering. Our best advice is to take a look at your fertilizing game and make sure you are not over or under fertilized. Always use as directed and also check your light levels – plants need natural light to grow, and if they don’t get enough they won’t reach their full growth potential.

Alternatively, abnormal leaf growth can mean that you are perhaps giving it just a little also lots of water and TLC. Interestingly, overwatering can be one of the biggest houseplant killers! Be sure to water regularly and not too often – check the top few inches of soil to see if it’s dry before watering. Also, make sure your pot has adequate drainage.

Sad and falling to one side

If your plants’ leaves are looking a little sad, wilting, and drooping to the side, it could mean they’re craving a little vitamin D! Bring your plant closer to the sunlight and it will gradually become more upright as it absorbs everything. We all need some sunshine from time to time! But beware, exposing the plant to direct sunlight can be a bit too much – indirect light is best.

Lack of color

Does your plant not look as vibrant as usual? Yellow foliage can mean many things, so take a minute to see which one suits you best. When the foliage turns yellow all over, it may be due to too much light. If so, mix it up and set your plant back a bit so it’s not in such a bright space. Maybe it’s yellowing around the edges? Yellowing edges can also mean it is low in nutrients. Bring a quality liquid fertilizer and that shouldn’t be a problem anymore!

Are your leaves…disappearing?

If your plants go downhill (lack of water, nutrients, too much light, too little etc.), they will no longer produce new shoots! So if your plant is looking a bit sparse or on the thin side, be sure to water it regularly and give it the TLC it deserves. If the leaves are dropping, that could also be an over/under watering issue, so give that potting mix a twist and figure out what you need to adjust.

If you’re still wondering what your leaf size says about your plant, slip into Dom and Dunc’s DMs at @plantrunnertruck. They are always open to chat!

Size matters when it comes to your plants, but The Plant Runner team know what to do with them!

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