Follow these tips to prevent hair loss

Various factors such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, poor lifestyle habits, certain medications, diseases, hormonal imbalances, dirt, etc. can trigger hair loss. Cutting your hair is not the solution. After the haircut, you might find that it falls out less because the hair is shorter and you see less hair in the sink.

But the number of hairs remains the same. A haircut does not affect the follicles, which are responsible for premature growth and loss. Instead of cutting beautiful long hair, certain rules should be followed to control or prevent hair loss.

Keep your scalp clean – Maintain hair hygiene. Clean your hair every other day. But if you go to the gym or your hair gets really oily a lot, wash it every day.

Don’t over-tie your hair– Make sure your hair is kept loose or use a lighter headband to tie your hair up. Tying the hair tightly creates unnecessary pressure, which can cause your hair to break and fall out.

Protect hair from ultraviolet rays– The sun’s rays can also damage your hair. Be sure to tie your hair up when you go out in the sun or use a sunscreen serum.

Apply oil to your hair– The old habit of applying oil to your hair can make a big difference. When it comes to preventing or controlling hair loss, massage the hair with regular coconut oil.

Using the right supplements– Another effective and easy way to fight hair loss is to change your diet. Consuming foods high in protein, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins can actually improve the health of your hair, strengthen follicles, and reduce hair loss over time.

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