Frank Zane shared his favorite weight training exercise from the Golden Era

In a new video on his YouTube channel, former Mr. Universe Mike O’Hearn spends the day training with bodybuilding icon Frank Zane. The three-time Mr. Olympia champion gives O’Hearn a tour of his fully-equipped home gym, which he says includes every piece of machinery needed to achieve an award-winning physique, and revealed his favorite body sculpting exercise: the neutral grip lat pulldown.

“It’s equivalent to doing pull-ups with a wide grip, which I don’t like too much,” says Zane, explaining that a neutral grip helps reduce strain in his elbows and that he tends to avoid pull-ups. because with pull-ups he is able to adjust the weight setting. He also shows off some of the rehabilitation exercises he has incorporated into his fitness routine to speed up his recovery after shoulder surgery.

Zane’s workouts have evolved over time, and at 79, injury prevention is a more common concern. “As I got older, I made walking a priority,” he said. Men’s health. Walking on the treadmill has always been part of my preparation to compete, but it’s essential as I get older. The same goes for understanding when not to practice. It is an important part of age management. Much of my early success is due to barbell training and in particular, but as I got older I have replaced many of these exercises with exercises on machines that can isolate particular muscles. “

In the video, O’Hearn can be seen admiring Zane’s three Mr. Olympia trophies, which prompted Zane to share how an injury caused him to lose weight in 1980, which caused him to lose weight in 1980. ultimately prevented from winning the title for the fourth consecutive time. “What I’ve learned in bodybuilding is that when you’re competing you not only have to be better than everyone else, but you also have to be the best you’ve ever been,” he says. “You must be better than when people last saw you. You are compared to yourself.”

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