From shed to ‘shread’, one Henderson man’s weight loss journey

HENDERSON, N.Y. (WWNY) — He went from 440 pounds to becoming a bodybuilder, and is now moving from the fitness center to center stage.

Jacob Stevenson will tell you “My food was horrible. McDonald’s almost every day. Fast food every day.

“I remember in high school, for a New Year’s party, I made a large whole pizza and 20 wings by myself.”

Stevenson grew up struggling with his weight. It was a conversation with her doctor that made her realize that her life was at stake.

“I went for a normal checkup and he looked me in the face after seeing my blood results and my weight and he said if you don’t do something drastic today you won’t live to 50 years,” Stevenson said. 7 News.

So Stevenson decided to make some changes, but not just for himself.

“My wife and I want to start a family one day, and at 440+ pounds, it’s really hard to chase a toddler down a field, or out front, or even just be there for them.”

In three years, Stevenson lost over two hundred pounds. In October, he will compete in “Summer Shread,” a bodybuilding competition in Texas that celebrates people’s journeys to a healthier lifestyle.

He explains the event this way: “For people who are not physically fit to tell their story about turning a negative they were doing into something positive.”

There are now a lot of positives for Stevenson.

“Probably what changes the most is the energy level. I did six 5k last year alone, and at 440 pounds I couldn’t even walk a quarter mile without oxygen.

What about his chances at Summer Shread?

“It’s me against me. It’s me against my 440 pounds, so I automatically win there.

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