Gb Sciences is leading the digital transformation in the biopharmaceutical sector

LAS VEGAS, July 19 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gb Sciences is a plant-inspired biopharmaceutical research and drug development company that began building its own digital research and analytics platform long before the pandemic triggered digital transformation.

According to a Deloitte study, biopharma is lagging behind other industries when it comes to digital transformation. Eighty percent of survey respondents (including 150 executives from major biopharmaceutical companies) said they believe their organization needs to be more aggressive and adopt digital technologies faster to win in the marketplace. Gb Sciences’ Phytomedical Analytics for Research Optimization at Scale platform, or PhAROS™ for short, successfully uses data analytics and machine learning to accelerate the drug development research process to market new formulations inspired by plants more quickly.

PhAROS™ is perhaps the best toolkit for discovering the “future of medicine”: a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, traditional herbal medicine and hard science that enables researchers to explore and validate targeted blends of ingredients for the treatment of complex diseases. Typical medical studies relied on simplified models of disease because the numerical technology to interpret large multivariate data sets had not been developed. Using AI and machine learning, biomedical research can advance simplistic approaches to treating human disease as if a single “quick fix” could cure a complex disease. Thanks to our PhAROS™ platform, our researchers can identify multi-ingredient therapies complex enough for the treatment of complex human diseases.

Gb Sciences and CSO President Dr. Andrea Small-Howard says, “The use of AI and computer modeling for biomedical research presents an untapped opportunity to discover plant-inspired medicines that reflect the vast knowledge of traditional medicines, but simplified. PhAROS™ uses machine learning to identify potentially effective drug combinations among known traditional medicine systems in a complex view of human diseases The PhAROS™ platform produces many potentially effective, plant-inspired combination drugs to help millions of people worldwide and also prescreens these drug candidates for potentially adverse side effects.”

Digital technologies not only improve drug research and reduce production costs, but they provide an advantage in supply chain stability as Gb leverages PhAROS™ to find plant biosimilars more readily available globally. entire. Gb used digital technology to discover its patent-pending formulations for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, COVID cytokine release syndrome, and heart disease. Using sequential in silico, in vitro and in vivo screens, Gb Sciences has identified unique and patentable subsets of plant compounds with therapeutic potential that have been validated in cellular and animal models.

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About Gb Sciences and GbS Global Biopharma

Gb Sciences, Inc. is a plant-inspired biopharmaceutical research and development company that creates patented, disease-targeted formulations of cannabis and other plant-inspired therapeutic blends for the prescription drug market through of its Canadian subsidiary GbS Global Biopharma, Inc. the “plant-inspired” active ingredients of its therapeutic mixtures are synthetic counterparts identical to the original plant compounds but produced according to current Good Manufacturing Practices. Gb Sciences’ intellectual property portfolio contains six issued US patents and three issued foreign patents, as well as 18 US patents and 49 foreign patents pending. In its drug development pipeline, Gb Sciences has five preclinical-stage product development programs. Gb Sciences’ lead program for Parkinson’s disease is being prepared for a first-in-man clinical trial. Gb Sciences formulations for chronic pain, anxiety and depression are currently undergoing preclinical animal studies with researchers at the National Research Council of Canada. The company also recently received positive preclinical proof-of-concept data supporting its complex mixtures for the treatment of COVID-19-related cytokine release syndrome, and its lead candidates will be optimized based on late-stage preclinical studies at Michigan State University. Gb Sciences’ productive research and development network includes renowned universities, hospitals and contract research organizations. To learn more, visit

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