Greenland’s strongest man wins title for 5th year in a row

Kim Ujarak Lorentzen is Greenland’s strongest man this year.

But this isn’t the first time he’s won the title at Greenland’s strongest man contest – it’s his fifth consecutive year.

“It feels good to get this title again this year,” said Ujarak Lorentzen.

The 29-year-old from Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, was also named the log baler champion last Saturday at one of the world’s biggest health and fitness festivals, the Arnold Strongman Classic. UK.

He won by lifting a log about 320 pounds from his chest over his head six times in 60 seconds.

“It’s amazing,” he said of his recent victory. “I did really well in the deadlift as well, but I lost a point there because I went down too fast before I got the signal to descend. I could have won that too.”

Greenland started their own strongman competitions in 2017. Ujarak Lorentzen said he has been participating in them ever since and has grown stronger over the years.

He said he trained with a trainer four times a week. Regarding his diet, it is not particularly strict.

“Basically I eat a lot,” Ujarak Lorentzen said. “It’s not like weight training where you have to be really strict with calories. It’s more like gaining as much as you can right now.”

Ujarak Lorentzen, from Nuuk, recently won the Arnold Strongman Classic UK log baler. (Submitted by Kim Ujarak Lorentzen)

In the past few years since he started participating in Greenland’s Strongest Man events, he has gained around 110 pounds, he said. He said he weighed around 315 pounds at the moment.

“I have to be heavy to be strong,” he said.

Ujarak Lorentzen says he trains four times a week with a trainer. (Submitted by Kim Ujarak Lorentzen)

Ujarak Lorentzen has been doing other strength training since he was 16, but recently he has been focusing on strongman specific training.

“Since it started, it’s basically my favorite sport,” said Ujarak Lorentzen.

“It gives me something to chase – competitions, something to prepare for. It keeps me motivated. It’s kind of become my lifestyle.”

Ujarak Lorentzen says he needs to eat a lot to maintain and build strength, while training four times a week. (Submitted by Kim Ujarak Lorentzen)

Ujarak Lorentzen aims to compete in the official Strongman games in Daytona Beach, Florida from November 12-14, called Giants Live Qualifier.

“It’s going to be exciting too,” he said.

Ujarak Lorentzen won the newspaper press event at the Arnold Strongman Classic in the UK, which took place October 1-3, for lifting a log of about 320 pounds from his chest above his head six times in 60 seconds. (Submitted by Kim Ujarak Lorentzen)

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