Grimsby family living in apartment infested with mold that has even spread to furniture

A family in Grimsby say they are living without boxes and bags due to a mold infestation affecting every room in their flat.

Zoe Smith has been living with her 17-year-old daughter, Ellie Bromley, and her disabled partner at the private property of Thorgam Court, Grimsby, since December. They say the mold got so bad it spread to closets and cabinets, leaving them to live without boxes or bags.

The family say they have tried to resolve the issues, but say they are endless.

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Zoe said: “We moved into the property in December last year and everything was fine to start with. However, a few months later we started noticing a number of issues. The ceiling wallpaper started to tear and we started to see black mold in the kitchen and behind the wallpaper in other rooms.

“The mold is in every room of the apartment and we have all suffered from it. My partner and my daughter have asthma and the mold has really affected them. Every time I cough, my chest hurts and I wonder if it could be because of all the mold.”

Zoe says she’s tried cleaning the walls and painting over them, but it keeps coming up. She says it has an impact on the mental health of the family.

Zoe said: “I don’t like having friends around and my mum never even came. I feel disgusting in my own house.

“It upsets us all a lot, but we’re stuck here at the minute, just trying to find somewhere else to live so we can get away from it all. It’s especially bad for my daughter, she doesn’t need this.

“We normally pay £375 a month rent but haven’t for the past two months due to the issues we’ve had. Not worth that at all with the condition it is in.

Zoe Smith and her 17-year-old daughter Ellie Bromley are disgusted with their home and want to move to get away from the black mold infestation
Zoe Smith and her 17-year-old daughter Ellie Bromley are disgusted with their home and want to move to get away from the black mold infestation

“My partner is also struggling because he has autism and doesn’t always understand what’s going on, so it’s been really difficult for all of us.”

Ellie, 17, said mold had ruined her bedroom. She said, “It’s not nice to see your house like this and I’ve lost all my cabinets so I’m just living with bags, I’ve never been so bad in my life.”

Due to her poor health, Zoe was also unable to care for her disabled mother. She said: “I take care of my mother, but I don’t dare go to see her because of my illness, I don’t want her to get sick too. We just wish we had never moved in if I’m honest. , no one should have to live like this.”

Since failing to pay her rent, Zoe has received two eviction notices.

The owner said the property had no condensation or mold issues and claims that was not the case when the property was purchased and rented to previous tenants.

They say it is purpose built with a wet course, the windows have trickle vents and an additional vent and exhaust fan has been provided in the bathroom.

They claim the one-bedroom apartment is occupied by four people and a dog and that clothes are dried on a clothes rack and wall heater with no ventilation. They claim the tenants “refuse to ventilate” the property and have covered the air vents. They say tenants have been provided with a Mold and Condensation Tenant’s Guide to help them.

They said the agent had been instructed to send a contractor to clean the mold and repaint, which they did. The landlord added that the rent has not been paid for two months and the eviction process has begun.

The tenants dispute these claims and claim that they did not refuse to ventilate the property, that they were not provided with a tenant’s guide to mold and claim that no one was sent to clean and repaint the apartment.


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