Hacker Srikrishna Ramesh aka Sriki on Prescription Drugs in Police Custody?

Drug bust and “stomach wash”

Sriki was scanned by the police in a drug trafficking case. On November 4, 2020, Bengaluru police, with the help of customs officials, seized 500 grams of hydroganja and a case was registered at the KG Nagar police station. The package was imported by Prasidh Shetty, one of Sriki’s friends, who came from London to Bangalore. The package contained hydroganja mixed with coffee powder. Shetty had enlisted Sriki’s help in procuring the drugs on the darknet.

Sriki was arrested on November 14 and was presented in court on November 17. He was then placed in police custody until November 30, 2020. Perhaps, his undated confession was given between November 17 and November 30, 2020. Through this statement, the police surrendered reckons that she had her hands on a cybercriminal with transnational connections.

Talk to The Straight, Tobby Simon, chairman of Bengaluru-based think tank Synergia Group, said, “Cryptocurrency is secure, decentralized and anonymous and this is what helps darknet markets become a haven for illegal activity. Drawing on the indictment sheet, Simon said Sriki had successfully accessed the darknet through the onion router, TOR.

In TOR, data is encrypted in layers, just like the layers of an onion. By using encryption, TOR keeps the identities and IP addresses of people accessing the darknet from being found. “Sriki chose the drugs because the profit margins are high and the money is generated by commissions. It is the fastest growing cash flow. “

Did the Bengaluru police take Sriki’s drug use and trade seriously? At first glance, the police case seems obscure.

In a summons filed in the Karnataka High Court in February 2021, Sriki’s father, Gopal Ramesh, accused police of medically performing a stomach lavage on Sriki to prevent the detection of drugs in his body. Police, however, say the summons was dismissed by the High Court.

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