Healthy lifestyle: men’s health as they age


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Men live on average five years less than women. Maybe this statistic doesn’t surprise you, but there are ways that men can extend their lives.

Doctors say there are chronic diseases that are more common in men than in women. Not to mention that men tend not to follow regular health check-ups, like women. Preventive measures are in your control and doctors say it’s your ticket to live longer

Press pause to buy these supplements that claim to increase your testosterone.

Dr Drew Oliveira, Regence’s senior executive medical director, said he was not buying into the hype.

“We are now receiving publicity,” said Dr Oliveira. “Take this supplement – it will increase your testosterone. Or maybe you need testosterone because your testosterone is low. The truth is, our testosterone decreases with age, it’s a normal process.”

Some call it male menopause – or andropause – when men’s testosterone levels decline with age. After age 40, a man’s testosterone levels decline on average by about 1% per year, according to the Mayo Clinic. It often goes unnoticed too.

You can test your levels by asking your doctor for a simple blood test. Dr Oliveira says you can replace testosterone, but it’s not always recommended.

“There are risks associated with testosterone replacement. A study of older men, 15,000 men showed a 21% increase in cardiovascular events in this group, heart attack, stroke.”

More research is needed on the benefits of testosterone therapy and replacement. But there are natural and preventative steps men can take for better health.

“If you smoke, stop smoking. If you need to drink, limit your drinks to two drinks per day, as alcohol consumption is associated with a higher risk of cancer and certainly other cardiovascular risks, especially hypertension, ”Oliveira said.

And here are some other ways to stay healthy:

  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Eat healthy and colorful foods
  • Limit fat in your diet
  • Stay active

Dr Oliveira says that 150 minutes a week or 20 minutes a day of exercise is the best way to feel younger and live longer.

Younger men can also suffer from hypogonadism, which means they lose body hair, have hot flashes, or even start to have breasts.

These are signs and symptoms that should prompt you to talk to your doctor about low testosterone.


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