Here’s the lingo you need to know when starting your surrogacy journey

To begin with, a sort of umbrella term for all technologies and methods used in surrogacy is assisted reproductive technology (ART). These include surrogacy itself, in vitro fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination (AI) and many more (via American GPA).

One of the first professionals you will encounter on your surrogacy journey is a fertility specialist or reproductive endocrinologist (RE). The latter is the guide that will guide intended parents through the process of creating embryos with the surrogate (via American Surrogacy).

You’ve probably heard of progesterone, the hormone that supports pregnancy. This is called P4. Surrogates take supplements, progesterone in oil (PIO), to prepare the uterine lining. Surrogates and women going through the egg retrieval process will come across the term subcutaneous (SubQ) injections, which deliver the hormones. Hysteroscopy (HSC) is another term you may hear in support groups. This is an examination of the uterine lining that is done if there are problems with conception and carriage (via American Surrogacy).

Other acronyms in the field of surrogacy: home pregnancy test (HPT), pee on a stick (POAS), and big negative (BFN) are all common in online forums referring to pregnancy tests ( through American Surrogacy). The further you go through the process, the more likely this jargon will become second nature.

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