Here’s Your 12 Week Badass Arms Training Guide PDF

Hi, Men’s Health MVP member. We are so glad you are here. Not for bragging rights, but we think our 12 week plan to build badass arms is rather, well, badass.

Your trainer, Dan Trink. CSCS, is a strength trainer, personal trainer, nutrition consultant and the founder of the Fortitude Strength Club in New York City. He created a program that mixes isolated arm exercises and compound upper body movements to help develop your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. “Bigger muscle can produce more strength. Stronger muscle allows you to work with more weight, which, in turn, builds bigger muscle,” says Trink. “The key is to find a balance between strength training and height training, whether in a short program like this or in multi-year training cycles.”

Of course, Trink also mixed up some lower body movements like squats, deadlifts, and leg presses. (“If you’re wondering why they’re participating in an arm strengthening program, Google just ‘skipped leg day’,” he says.)

Your journey to the weapons you’ve always dreamed of begins here:


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