How to avoid falling headfirst into the toilet in Ocean County

According to Google”Vault toilets are waterless, non-flushing toilets that store excreta in a large airtight underground container (vault).

This article is based on a true story and I want to help you here in Ocean County not make the same mistake and end up going headfirst into the bathroom. There is no reason to go “head first” into the toilet. Let’s be safe there ok.

First, let’s start with this poor woman this week who got stuck in the toilet. The article of told the story of a Washington State woman who had finished hiking while using a “vaulted” toilet and was on the phone when she fell in the toilet. The woman, in her 40s, used this “vaulted” toilet in Mt. Walker, Washington. The woman allegedly dismantled the toilet to expose the vault below. She used her dog’s leash to try to retrieve the phone.

According to reports, she tried to pull the phone out of the toilet when she fell face-first. After trying to get out for 20 minutes, she finally called for help on the same phone she had dropped in the potty. Unbelievable that it took him so long to call.

Local firefighters from nearby Brinnon and Quilcene Fire Departments responded and were able to help the woman out of the vault. First responders were able to wash the woman’s human waste and gave her a disposable Tyvek suit to wear. The woman refused medical treatment and left to return to California where she lives. She was not injured in the incident. Marc Schaefer Marc Schaefer

So here are a few simple things I want you to remember so you don’t fall headfirst into the toilet here in Ocean County.

  • Do not use your phone in the toilet
  • Do not call in public toilets
  • Never separate public restrooms or lavatories unless you are a licensed plumber
  • Never lean into a vault filled with human waste
  • Never lean “headfirst” into a trunk full of poo
  • Never wait 20 minutes stuck in a tub of poo to call for help, when you have a phone in your hands.

Be careful and give a break on the phone when you’re on the pot. Markus Spiske Markus Spiske

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