How to Perfect Your Barbell Power Clean in Five Easy Steps (ish)

Of all the ways to move a bar off the floor, the Power Clean is definitely the cleanest. Calling your posterior chain, traps, arms, lats, and abs into action, the “power” designation means you grab the bar with only a small bend in your knees. Compared to the more complex “squat” clean, landed at the bottom of a full squat before standing up, the power clean is the catwalk weightlifting movement. And it looks cool AF.

MH Elite Coach and Head of Training at WIT Gustavo Vaz Tostes is on hand to help you perfect your technique.

“This is without a doubt one of my favorite exercises for building power, and the perfect first one to get into weightlifting!” Gus said. “If you’re struggling with the lift or want to fine-tune things to start moving some serious weight, it’s all about drilling those moves.”

Practice its five steps until your body remembers the positions and check in so you can self-coach any mistakes along the way. “Try your best to be patient,” Gus says. “It may take a while to nail each step, but don’t continue until you really understand it.”

Watch Gustavo’s video guide below and also check out his barre muscle-up tutorial.

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