Indian Truck Body: Major Quality Updates Needed

From 2020, all commercial vehicles are made mandatory to have reverse parking sensors.

BHPian ASP_73 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

One area that appears to be far behind in the Indian automotive scene is the “Truck Body Building”.

Just this example – From 2020 all commercial vehicles are compulsorily equipped with reverse parking sensors. This is a life saving feature, as the driver is completely blind to the situation in the back of the truck when backing up.

See this photo of a new truck, after building the body, 2 middle sensors are hidden under the body structure and the 2 corner sensors are partially blinded by the surrounding structures. This made the parking sensors completely unnecessary.

Here is what BHPian Jhinchak had to say about it:

The only solution to this would be for the manufacturers to start building the bodies themselves. I wonder what stops OEMs. This would result in better quality and can also add additional features in their design and they can also test trucks extensively.

Here is what BHPian abhishek46 had to say about it:

These bodies are built with a different mindset – durability, cargo area maximization, high customization range, low costs, etc.

Security, etc. does not concern them per se.

Here is what BHP Condor had to say about it:

Outside of fleet operators, it’s a very cost-conscious market. Both for constructions and for repairs / reconstructions. Options owners want to choose from – sidewall height, cargo body base material, so many options.

It’s not that fleet operators don’t look at the costs.

Trucks which are used for coarse goods like building materials / stones / mud operate in harsh and dusty conditions. The sensors will be covered in dust before you know it, and operators won’t worry about keeping them clean.

Heck, they don’t even keep the license plate / number clean.

Here is what BHPian ss212 had to say about it:

Ignoring everything else, what surprises me every time I see a truck is the size of the windshield and window. They are just so small. Even the pillar between the two windshield glasses can be so wide.

The design and layout of the bodies built by these local garages are quite immature. But they do give owners and drivers some customization options that they really appreciate.

If trucking companies pay more attention to the needs of owners and drivers, more fully built trucks will be sold.

Check out BHPian’s reviews for more ideas and information.

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