Iranian Hulk called by ‘Kazakh Titan’ after Martyn Ford fight canceled

Sajad Gharibi was scheduled to face Ford on April 30, but the fight was called off late under controversial circumstances, and he may now have a new opponent.

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Martyn Ford defeats Iranian Hulk during a face-off

‘Iranian Hulk’ Sajad Gharibi may have a new opponent after his scheduled fight with Martyn Ford was canceled with just weeks notice.

Gharibi was scheduled to face Ford in a massive heavyweight clash at the O2 arena, but under controversial circumstances the event was called off. And the pair now appear to be heading in different directions, with Gharibi being called upon by a new giant dubbed the ‘Kazakh Titan’.

Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, an influencer from Kazakhstan, doesn’t quite have the following that Gharibi or Ford have racked up, but that hasn’t deterred him from calling for a fight with the “Iranian Hulk.” He took to social media to call out his rival, saying he and Ford were cowards.

“Hey Sajad,” he said in a short video posted on YouTube calling the Instagram star. “I’m the real Hulk, you and Martyn Ford are cowards – let’s fight!”

Bakhytovich, from the bustling city of Almaty, claims to be a two-time champion of some kind of bodybuilding tournaments and has around 21,100 followers on Instagram where he posts photos of his physique and videos of his TV appearances. It pales in comparison to Gharibi’s million, let alone Ford’s 3.9m.

But after the cancellation of the Ford vs. Gharibi fight that was due to take place in London later this month, as well as an undercard that was going to feature Patrice Evra boxing YouTuber Adam Saleh in his fight debut, he might have be able to fight.

Ford believes the fight was called off due to concerns over Gharibi’s mental health, after the Iranian burst into tears during an interview in his homeland. There were also fears the fight could be a monumental mismatch given the pair’s limited training footage which showed Ford had a clear advantage.

At a press conference for the event, Gharibi claimed he had been training eagerly and losing 30 pounds in response to questions from Ford about whether he was serious about their impending reunion. An Iranian television interview later emerged of Gharibi, who broke down in tears after claiming he had been disowned by his parents.

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Iranian Hulk has pulled out of his fight with Martyn Ford

And he has now been summoned by the Qazaq Titan



“I can’t call my family; when I came back [to Iran] I haven’t been to my family,” the tearful Hulk said. “I can’t talk to my dad and my mom, when I talked to her, said ‘the person in that video I saw didn’t was not my son, my son is much stronger than that.’ It hurts my heart when I can’t talk to my family.

“I’ve lost my pride and I’m destroyed. How can I explain? They cheated on me and I fell to the ground. My family said you’ll go there and finish it. were expecting the reverse. How can I sleep or rest?

“Personally, I feel very bad and I can’t sleep but I am now taking sleeping pills. When a mum says that to her child, how can you tolerate it? There is a lot of pressure, if I get paid it wouldn’t be a dollar to do that I can’t go on.”

Asked by a fan on Facebook why the fight was called off, Ford later replied that there were “concerns about mental well-being and also the health and safety risks associated with this match.”

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