Jimmy Zhang donated $ 1,000 to college students to play the IRL “Squid Game”

YouTuber Jimmy Zhang’s challenge videos are often fitness-related; he recounted how he got shredded using an animated series inspired workout A punch, then shared his attempts to train like the Naruto Rock Lee character. In his most recent video, however, Zhang isn’t the one challenged: instead, he puts other people to the test, in a real version of Squid game.

The Korean drama series has become a huge hit on Netflix over the past two weeks. It follows the main character Gi-hun, who, along with a host of other characters, is offered the chance to be debt-free, if he can complete a series of simple games. The trap ? If you fail to complete the task, you will suffer an increasingly painful spell.

Now, Zhang isn’t about to start lashing out at people for YouTube content. We are not yet at this point in our current dystopian narrative. Instead, he goes to a college campus, populated by many young people in debt, and offers them hard cash if they can win the show’s envelope-flipping game. If they win, he will give them $ 100. If they lose, they must submit to slaps.

It is certainly more Donkey than Royal battle, and it turns out that a surprising number of students are willing to be slapped in exchange for some free money.

Squid game has inspired a number of viral challenges since its release on Netflix, with another popular one involving the Dalgona cookie. TikTokkers learned how to make Korean honeycomb treat at home, including stamping shapes into the mixture before it hardens, then trying to release the shape without breaking it.

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