June is Men’s Health Month

Written by Victoria Bailey

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – June is all about guys.

Men’s Health Month takes place every year to remind gentlemen to stay on top of personal well-being.

“We don’t like going to the doctor at all, us men yeah, we don’t like to think we need to get anything fixed,” said Hank Norwood, a pharmacist.

June is designated Men’s Health Month.

This month, health and wellness professionals are encouraging guys to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“We’re a big fan of multivitamins, it can just be a generic multivitamin. There are men, there are women, you can get a specific one or a generic one, it doesn’t matter. What we encourage is the same time every day. I take my vitamins at night while brushing my teeth. It’s a habit every night and if you can find some sort of habit, that’s key,” said Amy Bogue, president of Dutch Health Services.

Beth Jeffers is the owner of the Fitness Factor and she says another important thing is exercise.

“You can have fun. You can add some walking to the routine where it’s not too difficult. Start slow, just do it TWO to THREE times a week,” Beth Jeffers said.

Experts say you don’t even have to do all that to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“If people started to stray a little further from the day-to-day store business park, get up from your desk. I know it’s hard to get up if you’re working on a project, but force yourself to walk around the office a bit and keep moving in general,” Jeffers said.

But local pharmacist Dr Hank Norwood says the most important part of men’s health is prevention.

“An ounce of prevention is better than cure. If we can stop things from happening through testing, we’ll be so much more successful in the long run. colonoscopies save lives, prostate checks save lives, cholesterol screening saves lives, all of these things save lives. So the results are there,” Dr. Norwood said.

According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, heart disease is the leading cause of death among men.

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