LaGrange Police Concern Over 7 Fatal Drug Overdose Cases

LAGRANGE, Ga. (WTVM) – As it is National Recovery Month, police across the country, including in LaGrange, are finding ways to get opioids off the streets.

LaGrange Police say they are concerned about the small increase in fatal drug overdose cases they have investigated so far this year.

“Our concern is that people take these drugs thinking they are taking something else, but then they die,” said Lt. Mark Cavender of the LaGrange Police Department.

Lt. Cavender says some people buy laced pills on the street.

“They think they are actually buying Roxycodone or Oxycodone when in reality they are buying a cheaper version that is made elsewhere, stamped elsewhere,” Lt. Cavender said.

Lt. Cavender says the error claimed the lives of seven people in Troup County, including four from LaGrange.

“We had a deceased white woman who was in her mid-forties,” Lt. Cavender said. “But for the most part, everyone has been a lot younger.”

While none of those cases have been linked, Lt. Cavender says the four deaths they saw were from people taking pills containing lethal amounts of fentanyl.

“Instead of containing Oxycodone, it actually contains fentanyl,” Lt. Cavender said. “You don’t know how much fentanyl you are actually getting. One pill might not kill you, while the other pill might contain a lethal dose of fentanyl. “

Lt. Cavender says the LaGrange Police Department is working with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office to identify where these pills came from and is also working with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s drug take-back program and local pharmacists to create an anonymous program where people can drop off. pills to destroy.

Anyone trying to get rid of their prescription drugs can also drop them off at the drop box inside the LaGrange Police Department on Haralson Street.

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