Lance Franklin will enter his 10th season with the Sydney Swans after signing a one-year extension

At 35, Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin is set to enter his 19th season in total in the AFL with the Sydney Swans after signing a one-year extension in the Grand Final.

The AFL has long produced a list of outstanding stars, but few names are as synonymous with the sport as that of Lance “Buddy” Franklin. Since signing a lucrative nine-year contract in 2013, Franklin has become idolized by Sydney Swans fans. It is, to all appearance, almost larger than the club itself; drawing fans into stadiums to observe his athletic prowess and sportsmanship, relentless drive and insurmountable strength.

Throughout his career, Franklin has delivered some of sport’s greatest moments. Who could forget the incredible scenes at the start of March this year, when crowds descended from the stands to storm the SCG pitch in excitement and celebration of Franklin’s 1,000th career goal, when he only became only the sixth VFL/AFL player to reach such a milestone.

But while it was rumored that Franklin could be set to leave the club as he looks to juggle a salary cap and a roster of young talent, it has since been revealed that fans will be able to see Franklin wearing the uniform. of the Swans a little longer. .

The Swans announced Franklin would continue playing for another year, tweeting a two-word statement that read simply, “One more.” This comes after months of speculation and rampant rumors suggesting that Franklin might even retire after the grand final or join a rival club. Instead, Franklin will enter his 10th season with Sydney and his 19th overall as he continues to leave an incredible legacy that goes beyond the sport itself.

This is incredible news, especially when not too long ago there were concerns about Franklin’s longevity in the sport as he was sidelined through injury. Thankfully, in 2022 he returned better than ever, beating over 50 majors in a season for the 13th time in his career.

When it comes to sports greats and heroes of the game that the public admires and reveres, Franklin’s name stands out above the rest. He first joined the Swans after playing in the grand final which saw Hawthorn emerge victorious in 2013, having previously won two premierships with the Hawks.

Now Franklin has an impressive 1,047 career goals in 340 games, eclipsing Gary Ablett Snr with 1,031. Franklin Mow is behind Doug Wade with 1,057, Jason Dunstall with 1,254 career goals, Gordon Coventry with 1299 and Tony Lockett with 1360.

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