Liberty Strength & Conditioning Coach Fueled By Player Success | Local news

“Dom is doing a great job,” said offensive lineman Bryce Mathews. “He’s obviously going to push you and he’ll make you right. It also demands the best of you.

Studzinski replaced Bill Gillespie, a longtime Liberty mainstay, and introduced a new approach to conditioning football players to compete in the prominent Football Bowl subdivision.

Gillespie’s conditioning programs have focused on building muscle and bulking players.

Studzinski focuses on advancing research in the field of athletic performance to keep players in top shape. It’s not just about lifting weights for him; it’s about using research and new technologies to empower players to become faster, stronger and more agile.

“There are a lot of differences, a lot of differences,” said starting safety JaVon Scruggs. Scruggs, a native of Appomattox, was a team captain for two consecutive seasons. “Coach Bill was a guy who really when he was here was bulkier and looked more like muscle builders, bodybuilders.

“As Coach Freeze arrived and Coach Dom was accompanying him, we started to move into more explosiveness, speed and rapid contraction of the muscles, as well as the weight training part. It’s as if Coach Dom touches every aspect of the body, as well as every aspect that comes with playing. With Coach Bill and Coach Dom, there are a lot of differences, but there are also similarities. “

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