Lyrid Meteor Shower April 2022: Where to look for tonight’s shower peak

How to See the Lyrid Meteor Shower

This year, the Lyrids will bring about a dozen meteors per hour when it reaches its peak. Unfortunately, a moon close to a full moon can make viewing less than perfect. If you are a half-full person, you will now notice that the moon rises late, so there will be a short period after midnight when the moon will not rise. So you have a time when the shower should be at its best (after midnight) with no light interference from the moon.

At the moment, EarthSky suggests you might see around 10-15 meteors per hour when the Lyrids peak. puts that peak a bit higher, suggesting you might see 18 meteors per hour at the peak.

Like almost all meteor showers, you won’t see much if you’re stargazing in an urban area. the light pollution cities will obscure many stars and meteors. This is especially true if you’re away when moonlight adds to light interference.

You can look anywhere in the sky to find meteors, but it can help orient you by finding the constellation Lyra and the star Vega. This is the radiant or point from which meteors seem to emanate. However, you shouldn’t just look at the radiant. This is the case with any meteor shower, but Lyrids often produce fast meteors and they will move away from the radiant. An app like Star Walk 2 is free and can help you find these objects in the night sky.

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