Mangaluru: St Aloysius ITI holds annual day program

Press release

Mangaluru, May 28: The annual St Aloysius ITI Day Program was held on May 27 at 10 a.m. in the College Auditorium. The program began with a prayer dance. Romius Dsouza, host of the program escorted the dignitaries to the dais.

Staron Charles Dsouza, introduced the dignitaries on the stage.

Pius K Rodrigues, Former Board Member, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Government of Karnataka, was the Chief Guest, P Rajasekhar-BSI Jaquar and Company Pvt Ltd; Karthik Pai, M/s Training Manager Advaith Hyundai, Mangaluru; Raveena Bangera, Director – Selco Solar, Mangaluru; Rajshekar, Service General Manager – Aravind Motors; Hariprasad PM-Area Service Manager, Godrej Appliances; Fr. Cyril D’mello SJ, former director – St Aloysius ITI were the guests of honour. Fr Melwyn Joseph Pinto SJ, Rector – St Aloysius Institutions, Mangaluru was the Program Chairman. Father John Dsouza SJ, Principal – St Aloysius ITI, Roshan Dsouza – Principal, Alwyn Menezes – Deputy Principal, Noel Lobo – Training Manager, Romius Dsouza – Program Organizer and Mohammed Saifulla, President – Student Council were present.

The annual report was displayed on the LED screen. Mohammed Saifulla, President – Student Council welcomed the dignitaries to the dais and the rally. Later, the prizes were distributed to the students who won the various competitions organized during the academic year 2021 – 22. A congratulations program was organized for Joslan Derick Dsouza, a student of Electronic Mechanics in the first year of commerce for his achievements in the field of bodybuilding.

Addressing the gathering, Pius L Rodrigues said a few words: “Some parents are present here for the annual program of the day to see the talents of their children. You are all studying in a reputable institution. Aloysius by name has a brand all over the world today. I am an alumnus of St Aloysius ITI. I learned the value of time from St Aloysius ITI and it helped me a lot in my career.

In his presidential address, the Rector of St Aloysius Institutions, Fr Melwyn Joseph Pinto SJ said: “Once upon a time, who was smart and who was weaker was decided based on their grades in schools. Students who scored above 60% were considered smart and those who failed were considered worthless. A student studied engineering and became an engineer but he didn’t know how to fix the switch or a fuse because he was only studying theory. But a technician knows how to repair the switch or a fuse because he does hands-on work. We must give importance to the development of our emotional aspect because they play a very important role. We all know what IQ is. Today’s world is in dire need of EQ, or emotional quotient. Along with other skills such as hard skills and soft skills, emotional skills are also required and St Aloysius institutions emphasize the development of this aspect. The person may know what components are present in the food, but he may not know how to cook it. We like to eat out. But at last we come home and eat the food prepared by our mother and we say that it is tastier. It’s tasty because she prepares it with all her love, care and affection for her children and family members. May God bless you all and your future is very bright.

The formal program was followed by the cultural program.

Romius Dsouza, program manager, offered a vote of thanks.

Samuel Marian D’Silva, Vinod David Kumar S, Zunira Banu, Mohammed Saifulla, Staron Charles Dsouza, Fathimath Thasfiya compared the program. The program ended with the singing of the national anthem.

The day’s annual program was broadcast live on YouTube. Click on the link to watch the program

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