Mat Fraser’s strength wave training to build a bigger deadlift

When it comes to coaching, Mat Fraser is proving to be, as you might expect, popular. Since retiring from competition he has released his own remote programming, HWPO, he strongly supports emerging talent Jayson Hopper and has run an individual training camp for Justin Medeiros, the man who went on to claim the CrossFit throne. Games from which Fraser abdicated. .

The once shameless athlete opened up about the techniques and strategies that made him the most dominant male competitor in The Sport of Fitness history. In his upcoming book titled in part (you guessed it) Hard Work Pays Off, Fraser goes deeper than ever into the moments that defined his career and exactly how he tackled every weakness in order to be the best at it. all.

Although not available until January 2022, in this exclusive clip Fraser talks about how he built a bigger deadlift to become same stronger. Then he gives you one of the workouts he depended on to maintain his new strength. Read on, lift big, and start your climb to the top of fitness.

From Mat Fraser’s hard work pays off: transform your body and mind with the fittest man in the world of CrossFit. Released January 4, 2022 in hardcover, audio and ebook.

“If you are looking to become an elite competitor, you will probably have to take time off from your other training to focus exclusively on strength. This is what I did after the 2016 Games, when I contacted the Powerlifting legend Chad Wesley Smith, owner and founder of Juggernaut Training Systems, and asked for help with my deadlift.

“In terms of technique, Smith could already guess what my problem was going to be. He’s led over two hundred seminars and seen a ton of CrossFit athletes, so he knows the first pull of our deadlift almost always looks like the start. of a clean. These two lifts may seem similar, but in the deadlift you are more articulated at the hips, so you have a higher position. In a clean, your hips are lower and your chest should be more high.

“The good news is that the muscles I needed to lift were already strong. I just had to teach them how to move the right way. Because I knew I would be more likely to do big sets. at an intermediate weight, as opposed to a maximum of one rep, we focused on the former by doing maximum reps on a six-inch block, which made the lift easier. The following week, the bar is moved to four inch block, then two inch, then floor Each time I needed to achieve the same number of reps, and I did this program for five months.

“The results were huge. Not only did I have a higher repetition max and a greater ability to throw deadlifts, but my core was also a lot stronger, which had huge benefits. , if I got stuck at the bottom of a clean, I just did squats, squats, squats. But my legs weren’t my weakness; my core was, and all my movements (front squat, back squat, snatch) were easier after training with Smith. “


Every 3 minutes for 5 sets

5 deadlifts @ 65% 1RM
3 deadlifts @ 75% 1RM
1 deadlift at 82% 1RM

In the deadlift, you are more articulated at the hips than in the snatch. So start with a higher hip position and feel the movement more in your glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

deadlift exercise

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