Medicare should be able to negotiate drug prices – congressional leaders allow it

For too long, the pharmaceutical industry has dictated who in America has access to the drugs they need for their health and well-being – and who doesn’t, leaving millions of Americans in districts like mine. make impossible choices about their health care. .

Already this year, pharmaceutical companies have increased the prices of 1,100 prescription drugs, more than 90% of which were above the rate of inflation. The biggest increase in the price of a prescription drug this month was almost 16 percent, while inflation rose by just over 2%.

The industry’s unchecked power to set and maintain high prescription drug prices has resulted in one in three Americans skip renewing your prescription, while one in four Americans with diabetes has rationed insulin, risk their life every time. I refuse to accept this as the status quo.

Big Pharma’s bottom line should never be more important than the health of my 7th District constituents or the American people in general.

This is why I recently organized a letter signed by 14 of my colleagues asking our leaders in the House and Senate to allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, and to include this wording in the budget reconciliation bill being negotiated.

Pharmaceutical companies claim that allowing Medicare to negotiate prices weakens Pharma’s ability to produce the drugs people need. It is a fallacious argument of the most profitable industry in America, and one that the American people are smart enough to see through.

Here’s the truth: Giving Medicare the power to negotiate would lower the cost of prescription drugs for hard-working families, so everyone has access to the drugs they need. It would also translate into nearly half a trillion dollars in taxpayer savings – money we can invest to make healthcare more affordable for even more people.

Employers will also benefit from Medicare’s negotiation of drug prices. According to a recent study According to the West Health Policy Center, this bargaining power would result in savings of $ 195 billion for businesses and $ 98 billion for workers. We all benefit from reforms that put people first, not big pharmaceutical companies.

It’s time to put people before profits and use our power to put a stop to high prescription drug prices for good.

And the drop in prescription drug prices is incredibly popular: nearly 90% of Americans Support give Medicare more bargaining power. President BidenJoe BidenCapitol’s fencing begins to drop after ‘Justice for J6′ rally Senate MP rejects Democrats’ immigration plan Biden pushes Democrats back on taxes MORE understood that also when he urged lawmakers to “give Medicare the power to save hundreds of billions by negotiating lower prices” in April.

Asking the elderly and American families to choose between basic necessities like rent and paying for prescriptions is not acceptable in a country as wealthy as ours. Instead of prioritizing the greed of this industry, it’s time to put the brakes on their oppressive price hikes once and for all.

We need to empower Medicare to lower prescription drug prices, for my constituents in Pennsylvania 7th District, and millions of others across the country.

If my colleagues in Congress decide to put the health and well-being of the American people ahead of powerful interests, I have no doubts that we can achieve success in reducing prescription drug costs for all families.

Susan SauvageSusan Wild More than 100 Democrats support legislation lowering the age of eligibility for Medicare to 60. is a member of the Palestinian Authority 7th District House of Representatives.

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