Men over 40 can do the Precision Loop for strong, confident shoulders

Milo Bryant is a performance coach as well as an experienced journalist. He is also in his fifties and his book Unstoppable after 40 years gives you the roadmap to do more than just stay active as you “mature”. Milo trains hard and recovers even better so he can do what he wants, when he wants. Get ready to use his methods to become unstoppable. It’s not your father’s middle age.

The biceps curl is a must-have for big arms for all levels of trainees, from young beginners to men over 40 looking to get in shape or stay in shape. Usually the name of the game for a successful curl is isolation – dialing in the form to ensure the bicep muscle takes all the load for maximum muscle and strength gains. But fine-tuning the curl—the external rotation of your arms—can help engage the shoulders more than other variations of the arm push-up exercise while bringing out your biceps.

Why bother to double-dip? Guys, we have to understand that the human body is a use it or lose it organism. This goes double for joints such as the shoulder, which is held in place and allowed to move thanks to the four rotator cuff muscles. You might have a higher chance of twisting a shoulder — or outright injuring yourself from it — because of the amount of use you’ve put on your shoulders over the decades. Not taking care of the shoulder joints only increases the risk.

The Precision Loop helps men over 40 engage the rotator cuffs to build strength for pain-free movement, which is important for everything your shoulders do, from throwing a ball or swinging a ball. a racket to play with your children. An added bonus: the movement always helps build the big, strong arms you train for when you’re aiming for a push-up. Try adding this move to your workout twice a week on upper body days. Unstoppable after 40 Unstoppable after 40

How to make precision curls

●Stand holding light dumbbells in your hands with your core and glutes tight (you can also work in a seated, high or semi-kneeling position to emphasize good form).

●Curl the dumbbells up, flexing your biceps.

● When you curl up, rotate your arms outward so that your forearms flare outward (ie rotate your shoulders outward). Turn your palms to face your torso at the top of the curl.

● Pause, then descend slowly to the start. Repeat for 10 reps; complete three sets in total.


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Best Trainer Hints for Precision Loops

●Continually try to turn the pink side of the palm up throughout the movement.

● Keep your back flat and your torso straight and tight throughout the movement. No kyphotic posture (rounded shoulders).

● Both upper arms should “squeeze” the torso while the lower arms flare out.

Helpful Hint for Precision Loop

Correct form is infinitely more important to these curls than weight. Err on the side of using dumbbells, you can move through the full range of motion without losing your posture, then grab the next pair when it gets easy.

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