Mundka fire: building had single entry and exit point, no NOC fire; the civic body requests a report

The Mundka building, ravaged by a fire that killed 27 people, did not have a no-objection certificate from firefighters when its single entry and exit point could be the reason for the high number of deaths, said a senior firefighter. Saturday.

Following the incident, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) asked the Narela zonal authorities for a detailed report, including the type of zone and the tentative year of construction of the building, officials said.

NDMC Commissioner Sanjay Goel has asked local civic authorities to deal with the case as a “top priority”. Details must be submitted within 48 hours, the communication said, adding that it was learned that the fire started due to a short circuit.

The building did not have a no-objection certificate from the fire department, a fire department officer said.

According to department officials, the fire started on the first floor of the building that houses the office of a CCTV camera assembly company.

The first and second floors of the building housed the reception hall and office of the CCTV assembly company Impex private limited. The third floor housed a WiFi assembly business while the fourth floor was residential, firefighters said. They said most of the bodies were found on the second floor of the building.

The owners of the business, Harish Goel and his brother Varun, who were detained earlier, have been arrested, Deputy Police Commissioner (External) Sameer Sharma said. The owner of the building has also been notified.

The cooling process is complete. However, two firefighters are on site as a precaution because the building is in a dangerous condition, officials said.

In videos posted on social media, people could be heard screaming for help as others jumped from the building in a desperate attempt to escape the flames.

”The rescue operation is over. The building had only one escape route, which is the cause of so many casualties,” said Atul Garg, director of the Delhi Fire Department.

Garg said they recovered more charred remains on Saturday morning and the death toll could rise. It was difficult to determine whether it was one person or many, he said.

Officials said there was only one narrow staircase to enter and exit the building, making escape difficult.

Twenty-nine people are missing. People were still looking for their relatives as police said 29 people were missing.

The NDMC has asked Narela area authorities to provide details of the type of land use – whether residential, agricultural or Lal Dora – of the area where the building is located.

He researched the building’s tentative year of construction, its height, and whether any construction was underway.

In addition, the authorities of Narela area were asked whether the construction plan was sanctioned, the purpose for which it was used and whether or not a certificate of no objection was obtained from the fire brigade.

Details related to factory license, business license, conversion fees, property tax or other municipal fees were also sought.

Local civic authorities were also asked to identify any type of misconduct by any municipal official and recommended action in this regard.

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