Natural remedies for anxiety and stress

Natural remedies for anxiety and burnout

Fight anxiety and burnout with these natural remedies, including mood-enhancing supplements, scents, and sound therapy

The events of the past year have made anxiety and burnout familiar to many. As the future looks a little brighter, the physical and mental toll of what we’ve been through collectively – a global pandemic, political upheaval – and individually – grief, economic hardship, change in relationships – will have resounding effects for some time to come. Natural remedies for anxiety can be one way of trying to calm our souls.

“It’s a common misconception that stress only affects us emotionally and that its effects come and go as quickly as our mood changes,” says Jules Miller, founder of The Nue Co.

“We feel stress in our bodies, but often we don’t make the connection between stress and our stomach cramps, or stress and disinterest in sex. Research shows that our bodies carry physical memories of high stress much longer than our emotions.

While there are many effective methods of relieving stress naturally, including exercise and meditation, the following supplements, scents, and sound therapies can serve as additional stimulants when you need help relaxing.

Co incense from the Noguchi Museum

This collection of incense from the Folie à Several olfactory art gallery and the Noguchi Museum in New York, mixes perfume and experimental music to create an immersive and soothing experience.

The collection includes five different incense packs created by Japan’s oldest incense supplier, Kungyokudo, which are accompanied by a download link to an album composed specifically to accompany each scent, composed by experimental musicians based in Japan. and in Europe.

De-stress 360 by The Nue Co

Destress 360 is the latest product launch from beloved supplement and skin care brand, The Nue Co. This vegan ingestion is clinically proven to regulate the stress hormone, cortisol, while supporting the five bodily functions most depleted by long-term stress – libido, muscle tension, immunity, digestion and concentration.

The formulation includes sensoril, an extract of Indian root clinically proven to reduce cortisol and improve focus; magnesium to support the central nervous system and muscle function; pine bark extract to improve blood circulation to the sexual organs; and zinc, which tends to be depleted when we experience high levels of stress.

Most notable, however, is its use of L-Theanine (AlphaWave). This green tea extract is intended to support the production of alpha brain waves, which are associated with a state of relaxed focus and increased creativity (as opposed to beta brain waves, which are produced during times of intense stress).

Relax the Spirit by The Hao Life

The Hao Life is a new supplement brand founded by two Chinese-American friends who wanted to reinvent traditional Chinese herbal blends in order to treat the most common health issues of modern life.

The brand’s Mind Unwind supplement is based on a classic Chinese medicine formula for anchoring emotions that dates back to the Han Dynasty. It includes reishi, a mushroom used to combat restlessness, coral lily bulb (Bai He) to improve cognitive function, and jujube seeds (Suan Zao Ren) to aid sleep.

Camino de Perfumera Curandera

Perumera Curandera aromatherapy oils and fragrances are handcrafted from Amazonian and Andean plants from the Peruvian and Ecuadorian rainforests. All products are inspired by the teachings of Curandero (indigenous healers mainly based in Latin America) and made in the brand’s small studio in upstate New York.

Camino is one of the brand’s most calming scents and is made from what is considered sacred wood from the Peruvian Altiplano, mixed with sandalwood, traditionally used to combat anxiety and clarifying incense.

Don’t worry about Flomacy

Flomacy’s ingestible tinctures use floral and plant essences to naturally alter unwanted moods. It’s a more design-conscious version of Dr. Bach’s ever-popular lifesaving remedy, but with the same effectiveness. It uses flower essences to combat anxiety in the same way that CBD is used for the same purpose, or St. John’s Wort is used as an over-the-counter remedy for symptoms of depression.

You can buy Worry Not from the Flomacy online store or make a one-on-one appointment with the brand’s founder, naturopath Hannah Knight, for a tailor-made remedy.


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