Navi Mumbai cop takes bronze at international bodybuilding championships

Assistant Police Inspector (API) Subhash Pujari, attached to the Road Safety Patrol of the Palaspe Unit of the Navi Mumbai Traffic Department, made India proud by winning the bronze medal in the 12th 2021 World Bodybuilding and Physical Sports Championship held from October 1-7 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Pujari represented India in the 80 kg category. The international bodybuilding championship saw 360 participants from 30 countries, including 70 participants from India in different weight categories.

“6 hours of daily exercise at the gym”

Earlier in March, he won the title of “Master Maharashtra Shree” at the National Level Bodybuilding Championship held in Ludhiana, Punjab. So, he qualified for the international bodybuilding championship in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, representing India in the 80 kg category.

After winning the championship at the national level, I had already qualified for the bodybuilding championship at the Asian level, which was to be held in the Maldives but was postponed. When I was 20, I competed at the district, state, and national levels. However, I haven’t participated in the past 20 years. I did not leave the gym even after I joined the police as a police officer in 2003. I used to spend 6 hours a day exercising in the gym and following a rigorous diet for a healthy body., ” The time of India quoted Subhash Pujari.

With the encouragement of colleagues and family members. I competed in bodybuilding championships, felt proud, won bronze medal and represented my country internationally. Will work harder to win gold at international level championships in the future, he added.

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