Now you can compete like the pros in CrossFit’s “virtual games”

If, like many around the world, you have sat down to watch the CrossFit Games, observing the pain that seems to be etched permanently on the faces of athletes competing in such a thing, it is likely that a thought has crossed you l ‘mind while viewing – one in which you think, “I think I could do this.” While we are prone to overdoing ourselves and having an often over-exaggerated self-confidence, for some, the dream of being a CrossFit Games athlete is worth spending hours training in the gym. But while only a few might quit the dream of being crowned champions, 2021 might just be your chance to prove what you have.

CrossFit has announced the creation of the Virtual Games: a series of events where amateur athletes around the world will have the opportunity to test their skills in a series of workouts designed to mimic those elite athletes must endure in CrossFit. Games. .

Reveal the newly created 2021 virtual games, Dave Castro said: “We are delighted to announce a new virtual competition that we will be hosting this year during the CrossFit Games.” He added, “It’s going to be an event that you can do at home to track what the athletes are doing. Some events will closely mimic what the athletes of the Games do, so you will have the chance to play and compete and complete something very important.

The hope is that virtual games will acquire a status of their own and that in the years to come virtual competition will become “something special” that people train hard for and rally behind as the only mega event they want. organize during a season.

Nonetheless, if you like to be ahead of the pack, you can still prepare for this year’s event. Castro has previously announced that the first individual event of the Games will feature a “long” swim and an “even longer” paddleboard competition, while the second event will be a sled pull, pig flip, muscle-ups, back to pig flip and finish with sled pull. And since virtual games will mimic reality, these disciplines could be a good starting point for training.

Registration for the Virtual Games opens on July 8, 2021 and the event is not expected to start on the same day as the CrossFit Games on July 28. You can register for Virtual Games here, where all registrants will receive an exclusive event t-shirt, and those who post scores for each practice will receive the designation “practically a Games athlete”.

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