“Open bodybuilding will be gone in 5 years” – Fitness Volt

Seth Feroce is an IFBB Pro determined to see the sport evolve despite some of the growing concerns he has linked to bodybuilding. In a recent YouTube video, Feroce makes it clear that he thinks the Men’s Open bodybuilding will be gone in five years.

Feroce made a name for himself in the sport in the 2000s. He last competed in 2012, performing at two IFBB Pro League events. First, Feroce took his conditioned build to the 2012 Tampa Pro, where he managed to earn sixth place. Following the result, the competitor decides to try his hand at bodybuilding 212. Before heading off into the sunset, the fan favorite competed in the 2012 Valenti Gold Cup and left the sport with a seventh place finish.

Considering the rising stars coming from the Classic Physique division lately, Feroce thinks Open men’s bodybuilding will eventually fade into obscurity. With younger names in the sport gaining popularity like three-time Classic Physique Olympia winner Chris Bumstead, Urs Kalecinski and 2022 Arnold Classic champion Terrence Ruffin, Feroce believes the sport has changed and men’s bodybuilding is on the cusp. to disappear.

Seth Feroce says sport is ‘rebuilding from pandemic’, casts major doubt on men’s open future

Speaking in a recent interview with Bodybuilding and BS host Nick Trigili, Feroce points out that today’s bodybuilding landscape is changing and competition is nothing like what it was in the mid-2000s.

“It’s so different compared to every time you and I competed. It’s so different compared to when I was competing in 2009. It’s not even close. What I fell in love with in 2002 , 2001, this beginning of the 2000s with Jay [Cutler] and Ronnie [Coleman] this fucking rivalry. Everything has changed so much. So to say, we have to save bodybuilding, I don’t know where that came from or why we would need to save it because it’s changing.” Fierce Explain.

According to Feroce, Classic Physique is booming. This notion was evident at the Boston Pro 2022, where the show decided to have Classic Physique athletes perform on stage last, implying that they became the main attraction.

“Right now you can’t deny classical physics is the most exciting thing on the planet. Chris Bumstead…the most exciting thing on the planet. He is everywhere. It’s almost like bodybuilding itself, stage presence has been murdered by COVID. The thing itself is dead. We had the New York Professional in Florida. It’s not even what it used to be. I don’t think it behooves us to say what we can do to save him. I think it’s the job of the federation right now to rebuild it into what it is after COVID.

2021 Arnold Classic champion Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada are well-known products in the Men’s Open division. Although Feroce thinks they’re good for the sport as a whole, he predicts there will soon be a considerable “drop” in the division. In fact, even bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger has called men’s bodybuilding “dangerous” and added that he believes Classic Physique is the future.

“So from a bodybuilding saving perspective, I don’t know if it needs saving. I think it’s just in a rebuilding phase and there are so many different divisions that Chris Bumstead is putting asses in the seats. Fierce added. Nick Walker puts asses in the seat. Labrador Hunter…Hunter Labrada is huge right now.

“You are playing with fire. Like, you really are. Do I think there will be a drop in Open bodybuilding? I think there will be. Or there will be a change in the appearance of these people. There will be a change. Man, no one would have guessed the pandemic would have done what it did. It changed everything. In five years, I don’t think open bodybuilding will be what it is. The size of the competitors, the look. I think the size of competitors will change.

Open men’s bodybuilding has been the main attraction for some time, although Feroce believes there are fewer mass freaks like Walker entering the sport.

“Everyone always shows up to see the monsters. At the same time, we see less and less. pseudo and Hunter are huge. Nick is a mutant. Hunter does not look like a monster in person, he looks aesthetic, massive.

Lately, Feroce has taken a tougher approach to the sport, due to the increasing number of deaths in bodybuilding recently. 2021 has seen a dramatic number of athletes pass away. Most notably, former Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden died at age 46. Before the end of the year, George Peterson died of heart problems days before Olympia 2021. Worse still, Cedric McMillan suffered an untimely death in 2022 due to heart complications in April. After the tumultuous year, Feroce has been candid about the dangers associated with steroids in bodybuilding.

Although he walked away from the sport, Feroce never let up on the gas during training. He regularly shares workouts on social media. One such routine that got fans excited was seeing him train with Martin Fitzwater and Keone Pearson. Fans took notice of Feroce’s physique, and despite calls for him to return in 2021, he opted to stay on the sidelines, continuing his successful endeavors as an entrepreneur.

Watch the full YouTube video below:

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Feroce’s opinions are valued in the bodybuilding community. It remains to be seen if Classic Physique will take over the Men’s Open in the next few years, but Feroce is adamant the winds are currently blowing in that direction.

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