Pivotal of immigration racketeering detained in TN reveals more than 100 Lankans entered by sea

The arrival of large numbers of Sri Lankan nationals laid bare the country’s porous coastal belt, particularly Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Q Branch Police, following the arrest and questioning of a suspect in an illegal immigration racket, discovered that more than 100 Sri Lankan nationals reached the state via the coast of Thoothukudi. Suspect Starwin, who was interviewed by the elite Q branch of the Tamil Nadu police, said the people arrived in five batches at Thoothukudi from Sri Lanka and the arrival was in boats manufactured by the country.

Most of those who reached Tamil Nadu had traveled to Mangaluru in Karnataka to travel to another country. The arrival of large numbers of Sri Lankan nationals laid bare the country’s porous coastal belt, particularly Tamil Nadu, as after the 11/26 attack in Mumbai, the coast guard and others Indian agencies have stepped up their vigilance along the coast.

Starwin, who was arrested on Saturday, September 18, is believed to be the main person who helped facilitate the illegal immigration of Sri Lankan Tamils ​​to India via the Thoothukudi route. It can be noted that Suresh Raj, a Sri Lankan national of Tamil origin has been arrested. in Aluva in Kerala after the Coast Guard and the NIA unearthed Rs 3,000 crore in drugs from a Sri Lankan ship at sea.

Six Sri Lankan nationals were arrested and they also carried five AK 47 assault rifles and 90 bullets. Suresh Raj was believed to be the key man in this deal and he has lived in Chennai and Kerala for several years with fake Indian ID cards.

The Tamil Nadu coast guard and police have stepped up their vigilance at sea as well as in coastal towns and villages to prevent any further entry of Sri Lankan Tamils ​​into the country along the Tamil Nadu coastline. A senior state interior ministry official, speaking to IANS, said: “The state police have stepped up their vigilance and those who have reached the country will soon be apprehended. The arrest of the main person is a major turning point and we will not allow state soil to be used for any insurgent activity. “

It can be noted that the Tamil Nadu Q branch police arrested 23 Sri Lankan nationals, including two Sinhalese from a vehicle body unit in the SIDCO industrial zone in June 2021.

Sri Lankan nationals had paid heavy sums to two Tamil agents, Ashok Kumar and Kasiviswanathan, on the promise that they would be offered lucrative jobs in Canada. The Tamil Nadu Coast Guard and Police have been tasked with stepping up vigilance to prevent unwanted movement towards the coast at night.

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