PNBA Massimiliano Sertori reveals the best shoulder exercises and food in natural bodybuilding

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PNBA Men’s Physique Athlete details the best shoulder exercises and food to eat in natural bodybuilding.

Your shoulders and the food you eat play a big role in the overall development of your natural bodybuilding physique. Your shoulders will improve your V-shape, which is imperative for a well-developed body, and of course the food you eat is essential for build proportional muscle and reduce body fat. We got a glimpse of Professional Association of Natural Bodybuilding (PNBA) athlete Massimiliano Sertori on which shoulder exercises and food are most important for natural muscle building.

Massimiliano Sertori competes in the Men’s Physique division and won the category on his professional debut in 2022 INBA PNBA Battle Against Cancer in Corona, Calif., on May 28. We asked Sertori what best shoulder exercises are, and he replied:

For me the best exercises for the shoulders are without a doubt the lateral raises in all types, to the cables, seated stripping and the military press. Great drills to create a nice impact V-shape.

And when asked about the food to eat in natural bodybuildingSerori said:

the best foods to get maximum results for me are: protein source: horse beef and chicken, carbohydrates: oats, basmati rice and unleavened bread. Source of fat: olive oil and nuts and as vegetables Carrots / cauliflower. Try to have both a portion of protein/carbs and fat at each meal.

Massimiliano Sertori’s Natural Bodybuilding Experience

Massimiliano Sertori is from Italy and was born on November 24, 1998. Sertori’s early interest in the physique of wrestlers inspired him to start training. His early results with his physique motivated him to learn more about natural bodybuilding. Sertori unearthed everything he could about professional bodybuilding through books, magazines, and YouTube videos.

A YouTube video of bodybuilder Jeff Seid winning the Men’s Physique category on a bodybuilding show sparked Sertori’s eagerness to start competing. Serori said:

With the vision of this video I decided to compete in 2018 at the age of 19 from there I never stopped I participate in the NBFI (INBA global Italy) believing in a path of health and well- being for the body that thanks to the INBA / PNBA is possible thanks to their ethics, they keep their athletes, doping controls and many unique experiences all over the world.

Sertori Gratitude and Natural Bodybuilding Tips

advises everyone to always have goals and always believe in yourself. Goals help to improve. The objectives give rise to consultation. Goals help you in difficult times.

In this discipline, you have to be consistent 365/365 days a year to get the best results. Natural bodybuilding is a way of life!.

I will always be grateful to this discipline for literally changing my life in so many ways, many thanks to NBFI – Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Italy, the staff, President Sandro Ciccarelli, Vice President Sauro Ciccarelli, many thanks to the president dennys kakos and his wife with all the staff for bringing this wonderful world to life. thank you mom and dad for always believing in me.

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