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An interior design expert guides you using eye-catching flower arrangements to add beauty to your home

A striking assortment of flowers in white and pink hues is a must-have arrangement of summer and monsoon flowers that thrive in shade. The widely used flowers are carnations, gerberas, roses, baby chrysanthemums and gypsies. Leather-leaved fern leaves are primarily used in most arrangements. In these difficult times, the variety available is limited. The containers and accessories can be quite fascinating and available in most homes: cups, saucers, wine / margarita glasses, large water jugs, etc.

Spherical flowers

The whole of this arrangement is developed on a wooden base, round and flat. Isolated, it is often used as a coffee table arrangement. Two large semi-circular moist oases are attached together to create this spherical arrangement. The thick leaves of the areca palm, also known as the butterfly palm, are washed and oiled. They cover the entire oasis from the bottom up, leaving some space for a group of cool white grommets to be placed at the top to create the focal point of the design. The subtle repeating lines of the areca palms generate an interesting flow that supports the focal point of the soft white carnations. At the base, a garland of pink carnation flowers surrounds the spherical body, creating a beautiful balance. It is interesting to observe that the texture of the areca palms is almost glossy and lacquered while the fresh flowers are uplifting and calm.

Tea time saga

Who doesn’t like to receive gifts? I use most of them immediately. The crisp white cups and saucers were recently gifted to me and I placed them on this lock-shaped dull textured wood tray to create a gift design. Small pieces of moist oasis were placed inside these cups and a variety of flowers were placed in them. The pure pink gerbera is a symbol of beauty and is believed to reduce daily stress. They are naturally clubbed with pink carnations, white roses, white chrysanthemums, gypsies, and fresh leather-leaved fern leaves. The flowing movement of the radiant line of fully open flowers creates informal rhythm and direction in this finished work. The air-purifying green leather-leaved fern leaf is a dynamic soil amendment that enriches it and stays moist for days.

Dining table stories

This is a simple and elegant DIY dining table arrangement. For this you need four to six margarita glasses (depending on the length of the dining table) and an assortment of flowers are placed in it. A small piece of moist oasis is gently placed in the glass. A variety of pink chrysanthemums and white roses, baby and gypsophila (a genus of flowering plants in the carnation family) are placed in repeating circular lines, creating an innate rhythm. In between, on a flat wooden log covered with designed white paper, the ribbon candles, small glass containers filled with bright pink gerberas and leather-leaved fern leaves create proportionate continuity. The eye will naturally follow this line of continuity, connecting a series of similar shapes and forms.

Open style pieces

This transparent Egyptian water jug ​​with stylish handles on both sides and a small tap creates a defined 360 degree design. This is an overly filled design and the spaces between each component allow them to be appreciated. This design balances solids and space with the dark area creating a focal point, the area of ​​interest, while baby pink and hot pink carnations are set in the oasis at the mouth of the half-filled jug. Long, dry contrasting twigs are added to provide visual balance. Two-colored baby’s breath and two-colored baby chrysanthemums are added all around to determine height, width and depth. Did you know that baby’s breath are also called baby’s breath and that a plant can produce 10,000 seeds? Bright green leather-leaved ferns are placed all around. These dominant leaves help bring order to this design.

Suspended garden

I sit on my patio and watch the birds come home at night and it inspired me with this design. A piece of hollow bamboo about 15 “long is secured on both sides with a jute rope to help this design hang from low ceilings. Moist oases placed in the hollow support this layout. This is a one-sided design. reverse side with delicate white and pink chrysanthemums that complement the firm leather leaf ferns. It is a horizontal hanging design that gently sway with the wind. For birds, it is a swing to rest before heading home The components used are an interesting combination of fresh and delicate flowers and foliage in contrast to the dried hanging bamboo base which is irrevocably linked in proportion and cannot be considered as an isolation.

Sunita Kanoria, trained in Pushpa Bitan, is a judge for flower arrangement competitions at the national level, and is currently using her time and talent as a flower decoration demonstrator on various forums.

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