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By Tony Marinho

Deaths from COVID-19 are approaching 3,990,000 among the 184,400,000 diagnosed cases and 3.17b vaccines worldwide. Nigerian cases approaching 168,000 and 2,125 deaths with over 3.4 million doses of vaccine with over 1,170,000 vaccinated.

Nigeria “no steps” in football! We lose 4-0 against Mexico (about 130 million inhabitants). Yes, athletes can have fascinating overnight skills, but athletic endurance, strength training, technique and selfless teamwork require years of coaching and financial support. Sadly, in 2021 Nigeria is still a country of individually excellent and hardworking “accidental hero sportsmen”. Politicians, reaping where they have deliberately refused to sow, leap on them like bloodthirsty leeches or outcasts, sucking the adoration of the press due only to the few champions among the thousands. Look at our 1985 football Under-17 winners who received the bonuses promised in 2015, 31 years behind due to irresponsible governance caused by the political disease of “personalization of political office”.

The 31-year delay is a metaphor for Nigeria’s collective failure to support youth development – mental, athletic, material and entrepreneurial. One of the consequences is the widespread anger and helplessness of young people. We haven’t trained enough talented young footballers. Which governors support education and access to high performance sports as development strategies – an “Ogbemudian achievement”? Comprehensive education includes sport and a national future in world sport? The test is “How many local Nigerian sportsmen will compete in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020-1 when the US, EU and UK are already training the potential of Olympic hopefuls 2024, 2028, 2032?”

Oduduwa Nation Protests and Repression – July 2021. Easier Solution Than Water Cannon – Let Government and National Assembly, NASS, OBEY Nigeria’s OATH AND HYMN[S] and make Nigeria a land where TRUTH and JUSTICE [EQUITY] REIGN truly with FAITH, LOYALTY and HONESTY of political and ethnic classes at all levels of governance. Period! No nuclear physics, just LOVE for the neighbor, NOT LUST for his property !!!!


Those upcoming vacations that are safe. SSS-Safety, Safety and Safety are the terror of all Nigerian parents. All levels of family members, servants, drivers and travel have all been charged. The roads are scary. The village, with us, is often inaccessible even after a mountain of prayers invoking “May we be invisible to the enemy”. No home is safe from marauders and fraudsters. Kaduna attacks, unchallenged, claim more, murdered to be alive! Endless government commiserations and daytime parades without a massive day and night security presence cannot save anyone.

I saw Akinwunmi Adesina, president of the African Development Bank in a French interview on television. Find his videos for ideas and content for your children. He is an excellent role model of a very diverse multilingual world leader. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, DG, WTO has equally inspiring ideas-driven talks and she is also trilingual, including French. African models on the world stage / runway and great models for your kids. Adesina’s perfect French and English should serve as a lesson for Nigerian youth. Our indigenous languages ​​are important and Babandede of Immigration has placed emphasis on French and local languages ​​at the borders where customs and immigration staff are assigned. English and French are diplomatic and business languages ​​and more children should be guided to learn them at school, on vacation and using social media. At home, start a “Let’s Learn a New Language” home project. This summer vacation, challenge children to learn a language or deepen their knowledge of the languages ​​they speak, local or international. The Internet has tools for all languages. Foreign students in most advanced countries must first master the language, usually a 3-6 month immersion language course.

Often, Nigerians “twanging” German, Spanish, Russian and of course French have learned compulsory during their training abroad. Don’t be jealous of them. Now it’s Chinese-Mandarin. Imitate them. Let your children learn a language as a broad strategic educational action to broaden future prospects. Multilingual role models worked doubly hard to learn “a foreign language”. Well done for their tenacity and language skills.

Suggest that your children think of any language they would like to learn to broaden their career options and bridge the ‘boredom gap’. Many children are unknowingly gifted and may adopt useful language as a fun hobby. Talent and tenacity go hand in hand. Most are high on one and low on the other. If you are lucky enough to have a quadrilingual family, two traditional languages ​​and two foreign languages ​​purposely impart this quadraphonic skill to children in a fun way by having a “Language Day” every week for the children to make home videos in different languages. A Nigerian who studied Japanese pleasantly shocked a Japanese couple in need of help in London. We have all heard rude passengers talking about someone else or even you in a “secret” language that you also understand. Indeed, any language with limited distribution can become a secret language. The US military used the native Indian languages ​​as a code. ‘Secret’ can be good or bad. Advanced countries teach all languages ​​and use smaller languages ​​in spy work and listen to conversations to watch out for criminals. It is never too early to introduce a new language to a child. Try to choose a language during this long vacation. Have fun. For older young people, choose a language for future professional projects. Achieving perfection and perfection in any language is hard work, Soyinka has read the English unabridged dictionary as a reference book but as a study book many times. All of our ancestral ethnic languages ​​are full of unlearned and lost innuendos and twisted proverbs with many meanings. Unfortunately, many teachers have been poorly taught, unable to grow students.

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