Tamale Safaru from Uganda honored at EAC bodybuilding tournament

The first edition of the Mr. 001 2021 East African Community Bodybuilding Tournament sponsored by Kenya Bodybuilding Supplements among other institutions like Mombasa Cement, took place on December 11, 2021 at the grounds of Coast Gymkhana cricket.

The participants came from the states of the East African Community of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda.

Uganda sent participants in different categories which included; Bantamweight, Lightweight, Heavyweight and Welterweight.

Uganda was the first East African country to field the very first person with a disability, Tamale Safaru, 28, who received a medal and award after placing among the top in the weight class rooster.

Safaru has also been recognized for his courage in showing off and inspiring others facing various physical disabilities.

Uganda also emerged victorious thanks to participants Lamech Muwanga (in the lightweight category) and Hakisam Kisekka (in the bantam category).

Others who have participated include; Christopher Mutyaba, Yakubo Bin Hassan (M. Physics-Uganda), Farook Miyagi, Godfrey Lubega and Fathil Katumba.

Coach Faisal Katumba and participants called on the Ugandan government and the private sector to invest in talent development through sport and the creative arts as a way to engage young people.

A vote of thanks was sent to Rosefoam Uganda, Hearts Extended Uganda and Redemption Youth Initiative for facilitating the participation of young people and people with disabilities in the tournament.

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